!! OMG, he’s naked: Luke Perry !!

OMG.BLOG reader Mad Scientist asked us to post pics of Luke Perry naked from the television show Oz. He said the pics of Luke’s foray into full frontal acting had disappeared from the inter-web, but we found them! What we couldn’t find were many pics of Luke from his glory days… and the current pics just don’t do his legacy justice.

Anyway, you can see the NSFW pics of Luke Perry’s hairy berries during his stint on Oz after the jump!

CLICK TO ENLARGE. Watch Oz online.

Luke Perry naked
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15 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Luke Perry"

  1. i really like cake

  2. So Shannon, it’s ok to BODY SHAME when it’s a man? Women are the worst when it comes to penis size. I am a man and I’ve never heard other men talk so filthy about another woman’s body like you just did. I never hear men say “UGH!!, look at her and her tiny boobs”. Men don’t say that. They don’t body shame like that. Women are the ones that body shame more than men. Bizarre? Really? Look at a vagina and tell me that’s not weird looking too. The maturity on many women is a major turn off. Take a look in the mirror before you get so grossed out by a natural male form. Smh.



  5. Who cares about cut or not. Who cares how long. I’m into guys who have the complete package and he has it. I make love to a whole person.

  6. in some of the frames he looks mutilated, in others he looks intact. I’m gonna say that he is intact, but maybe he said he was uncut on Howard Stern so people would think a hot dude is intact and he wouldn’t influence people the wrong way. If he doesn’t have a foreskin, I’m sure i could still make him feel complete >sigh

  7. What just happened here? And who ate all the onion dip? GOD!

  8. God damn it, Meowzer, get over yourself.
    As a gay man myself, I am repulsed at you victimizing yourself because of your own inability to restrain your vulgar thoughts that no one cares about. And please, for the love of God, don’t attribute your oversexed and almost stalkerish public sexual fantasies to ALL gays. While I have no problem enjoying an attractive guy, I do not launch into drawn out, explicit desire that no one but myself has any interest in. A “wow, he’s hot” or “he’s still very handsome” is sufficient.

  9. This is so funny. I’m a regular reader of OMG and was startled to see this photo of Luke Perry signing an autograph… because I took the photo, and it is in my flickr photo set. I took it after the Emmy Awards telecast on the steps of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. It made me smile to see it…thanks!

  10. I wanna take that book and fist it up his asshole. The way he likes it!

  11. And bitter meowzer. Don’t forget bittter. Oh wait, you didn’t forget it at all. never mind

  12. He once told Howard Stern that he was uncircumsized…but he looks cut in these pictures…hummm.

  13. Whatever you do…. don’t post any vulgar comments. We gays are bad that way.

  14. yum dylan mckay 4ev!

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