!! OMG, she thinks Africa is a country: Sarah Palin !!

I know the election is over and I don’t want to appear a sore winner, but this Fox News segment is too shocking to ignore. McCain staffers have revealed some things about Gov. Sarah Palin that could not be voiced during the election, the most shocking of which are that she could not name the countries that are part of NAFTA (that’s the NORTH AMERICAN Free Trade Agreement), and the big one: she did not realize Africa is a continent.
Also, remember the infamous Katie Couric interview? The staffers claim they predicted many of Katie’s questions beforehand and Palin refused to accept their preparation for the interview. Sometimes the truth is more dire than our worst fears and more hilarious than the cruelest comedy sketch. You betcha. (via Fey Friends)

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  1. Thanks to everyone in the US who voted for Obama, I personally am thrilled and think it was the best outcome possible (well better would have been prop 8 and alike not being passed…)

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