!! OMG, he’s naked: Mario Sorrenti !!

Superstar fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti gets in front of the camera for the latest issue of Purple Magazine and he shows peen (on the cover he is nude and clutching the leg of ex-girlfriend Kate Moss).
See the NSFW shots after the jump.

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BONUS: These shots were taken by Kate Moss of Sorrenti for the FW07 issue of Vogue Hommes International.

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20 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Mario Sorrenti"

  1. Rebster, how does my comment disagree with yours that “lack of education causes a higher H.I.V. rate then cut or uncut dicks”? What I said was that “I don’t believe it’s a medical fact that circumcision prevents HIV”. So, what’s the conflict? And what the heck does: “Sorry but c’mon, geez even” mean?

  2. shutupskinless | October 25, 2008 at 12:46 am | Reply

    only circumcised guys who are pissed that they’re circumcised without being given that option *they were babies* give their anti-circumcision rants..they are just bitter jealous douchebags. sorry, it’s better all natural…lol!!!

  3. According to the wikipedia, the ancient Greeks found showing the head of the penis very offensive, so no circumcision there.

  4. fact is, circumcision is not natural. that little bit of skin is there for a reason and to chop it off (except for religious reasons, a whole different topic, don’t get me EVEN started) in this day and age, like some hygiene obsessed 1950’s american housewife is one of the most absurd things i have ever heard of.

  5. 3rd world countries have more uncut dicks peroid. pull your fucking heads out. most of the people are born at home. as for hygiene, my Niece is a Nurse at a very busy clinic and she see s’ at least once a month some poor kid that his mother did not clean his penis correctly because the kid has foreskin and when they have to pull the skin back to clean it, the child becomes arroused and it freaks thier mom out and they stop for fear of being called a child molester, either that or they were just clueless how to care for it, it gets infected and either has to be cut to remove the infection and help it heel or worse yet some of the penis has to be removed as well due to the infection being so bad, and that you dumbfucks happens here in the U.S.A. now think about poor people living in shacks with no running water, roofs barley there and tell me they can be hygeinic. anywhow done with the dumbasses, look it up what i say is true and like i said all you fuckers if your hott can lick my nuts to say sorry.

  6. For rebster that said that most poor countries have uncut men!! haha where do you base your findings?? You mean that Europe is just a place with poor countries and a lack of hygiene?? Make me laugh!! hahaha
    Most countries that have cut men are USA, Israel and muslim countries!
    And if someone knows of hugiene he can clean his penis, either cut or uncut! He doesnt have to cut his foreskin to clean it better!! lol
    Also to our italian friend..Ancient Greeks were always against circumcision and make fun of it, that’s why you will see no greek statues with cut penises so circumcision in South Italy came with the Arab invasion not the Greek! 😉
    I know I am Greek, and we were always one of the cleanest nations in the world(even in the middle ages) and hygiene was and still is very important for us!

  7. lack of education causes a higher H.I.V. rate then cut or uncut dicks Steve. Sorry but c’mon, geez even.

  8. it is a medical fact the uncut dicks are more prone to S.T.D. s’ and just infection period. Look it up find out I am right, then if you are hot you can lick my nuts as an apology. I am not dumb enough to state something like that on the internet to due to the morons that will yell at you, without knowing it for a FACT first.

  9. Are you sure the b&w photos are of the same guy? What a difference a year makes… The ’07 pics the guy looked like he was 25… But on the cover he looked like he had aged 20 years.

  10. Uncut…yeah right…
    Safe Sex is safe sex…doesn’t matter if your cut or uncut. Just freaken protect your self.
    uncut for 37 years, gay for over 20 and no HIV here. Just BE SAFE…Period.

  11. I don’t believe it’s a medical fact that circumcision prevents HIV. The USA is the biggest cutter in the world and yet we have the highest HIV rate in the industrialized world. There was one study done in Africa which was never completed. Once the pro-cut test takers started getting the results that reinforced their prejudice they stopped the study to prevent findings that they didn’t like.

  12. The following was from an online friend in Italy posted to a discussion about circumcision.
    “I write to tell of the circumcision in my country (Italy) where the most of population is uncut, but in the south regions (Sicilia, Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia) circumcision was practiced from the time of invasion from Greek and north African people, about 1000 years ago. So now about 85% of males in Italy are uncut and 15% are cut (with all the African and Muslim people who now live here for many years and they are Italian in all ways.”

  13. How many drugs did she have to be on to leave that for Pete Doherty?

  14. look it up yourself Michael. But you will find tons of studies that say uncut cock is more likely to get a disease then a cut one. besides that most of the uncut cocks in the world are in poor countrys that have no clue about hygiene. anyways look it yourself it will do you some good.

  15. Hi rebster…I’d like to know what studies you reference when stating, “it is a proven medical FACT that uncut guys are more at risk for H.I.V. and other S.T.D. s’ then cut guys”. Thanks.

  16. it is a proven medical FACT that uncut guys are more at risk for H.I.V. and other S.T.D. s’ then cut guys. so keep cutting away america and help the euro peoples pull thier head out of thier ASSES and do the same. anything that can be done big or small to help cut down the risk of H.I.V. being transferred to another should be the goal of everybody on the planet.

  17. no, america is now the only country that circumcises for non-medical or religious reasons routinely – the distinction might be in italian american men, if born in america, chances are the doctors would have got their scapels near them.
    this guy looks big, fat and uncut! juicy!

  18. I dunno, he looks pretty cute to me. And I love a slender guy who’s thick where it counts. I’m surprised Kate didn’t snap like a twig on that.

  19. ick. Sorry, I go for faces, and he isn’t pretty.

  20. From what I’ve seen of male nudes, it seems that most Italian men are circumcised, unlike other European men. Has anyone else noticed this, and does anyone know if male infants are routinely circumcised in Italy?

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