!! OMG, he’s naked (maybe): Hayden Christensen !!

Since Sienna Miller helped him publicy establish his heterosexuality last year, heartthrob Hayden Christensen must feel comfortable letting it all hang out in his new movie Factory Girl. In fact, he may be letting more hang out than he realized at the time during his sex scene with Sienna. It’s unclear whether it’s his ball sack, the underside of his penis, or just a nude-colored thong, but it’s certainly enough to get the imagine working. Decide for yourself after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge. Watch the video clip here.
Is it or isn’t it?
And a few more caps, including a sideview of the top of his buttcheek. What a prude that one is.
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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked (maybe): Hayden Christensen"

  1. I see nothing because it very small.

  2. yeah, i agree
    i see it at 41-42 seconds

  3. So I might be a little late to this discussion, but if you watch the video, and freeze between 0:41 and 0:42, I’m pretty sure his erection is pushed against his lower abdomen. At first, it looks like a gap between their pelvises, but when he pulls away, the dark object stays with his body. Did anyone else notice that?

  4. OMG, Hayden is so hot!!!!!!!

  5. I see what your talking about. it’s just alittle past siennias backside. i don’t think it’s his sack though.

  6. NSFW= not safe for work

  7. I have to agree with Alan. I just don’t see it either. I didn’t see Matthew McCougnahey’s bulge or Hayden’s privates. Are you sure you’re not seeing what you want to see. By the way, Hayden has more recently been very coy about his sexual orientation, neither confirming nor denying the rumors.
    And will someone PLEEEEAAAASE tell me what NSFW stands for?

  8. Sorry, but like Matthew McCougnahey’s bulge, I just don’t see it. Hayden Christenson always reminds me of the old song “Pretty Vacant”

  9. Love the rustic art direction in that scene. Fire’s roaring, she’s on top… Does he crack open a can of Bud when they’re finished?

  10. i don’t care if he’s naked or not…NOTHING could salvage this bore and his lack of acting ability!

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