!! OMG, he’s naked: Michael Fassbender in ‘Shame’ !!

Last night following George Clooney‘s comment about German-born actor Michael Fassbender‘s penchant for on-screen nudity, many curious minds flooded !! omg blog !!, briefly overwhelming our server as they searched for the naked truth.

While they were able to find the nude caps and video of Fassbender from the film Hunger that we had posted previously, we know what they really wanted were the risque scenes from his new movie Shame.

Well now we have them here for you after the jump in all their grainy, NSFW shot-on-a-cellphone-camera-at-the-movie-theatre glory. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge. Download bonus video here.




Michael Fassbender nude
Michael Fassbender nude
Michael Fassbender nude
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34 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Michael Fassbender in ‘Shame’"

  1. He can get it

  2. US guys quarrel about circumcision because they all are cut an many suffer from “foreskin envy”. In Latin America we are all uncut and clean,so what;this is true also yn Europe.Circumcion for non-religious matters in an embedded US custom!

  3. Dont know why people are making such a big deal. Its really not that big. Maybe straight men havent seen a lot of penises but its not huge at all …And its unclear without seeing it erect if hes a grower or show-er…Prob the latter. Plus its dark so that hetero men wont freak out at the theatre

  4. I had hot sex with him once.and WOW! it was fantstic, unbelievable!

  5. Well,…I wonder if Michael will be ‘well remembered’ by his “ACTING” orrrr well,…I’m just DROOLING thinking about it. YUMMS.

  6. sandra facinelli | March 25, 2012 at 10:47 am | Reply

    MICHAEL FACCELO VEDE FACCELO TOCCA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh Please, He has a good physique, but is skinny and scrawny. Saw him on Top Gear UK, he is Tiny. Im Jeremys size, and Micheal height, comes about to JCs shoulder. So his Normal member looks huge on him, also because he is scrawny. Not to mention in the frame above, when side on, he has what is called a Half On…not fully flaccid, a only 1/2 erect. I say he is barely average. Still he is in proportion.

    • Anywhere between 2 To 11 inches erect is normal adult male size. Actually 3.9 erect in quite common but bigger guys and men who exaggerate might in flare stays. Some normal adult dick or shaft less and under one inch.
      Small can be cute in one pic Wesley snipes sports a quote common one inch or so semi normal adorable and quite cute and very common adult size!!!!!

  8. Hmm…I see some ignorant things about circumcision being said. Genital mutilation? Really? Because circumcision doesn’t serve a purpose at all. Nope.
    ANYWAY, congrats, Michael on your awesome dick.

  9. The women impressed by this need to contact me instead.

  10. I saw the movie and he is super-hot and terrific actor! Yes, his dick is jaw-droppingly long (in two shots, from behind, you can see that thing stretching well beyond his nutsack) but even on the movie screen it is not that well lit:-( Not a whole a lot clearer than the pics above.I am not sure why that movie is NC-17 honestly.

  11. any body know anywhere there are clearer caps?

  12. You can’t see a damn thing in these. Wait until you see the clear caps! The guy is hung like a horse! You don’t know what you’re in for. He does a pissing seen too. It hangs between his legs from the back, looking like it must weigh about 25 lbs!

  13. It’s nice but not mammoth. Love the bush.

  14. I like him. 🙂

  15. #1. C’mon, guys. We all have dicks. Why do I keep hearing flaccid and erect talk? Have none of us ever witnessed or experienced a semi? I don’t get how guys can get it 75% or more stiff and then everyone’s like “OMG, his flaccid dick is huge.” No shit, Sherlock, because it’s not entirely flaccid.
    #2. Amen, Fazz. The black and white logic really puts me off. For some guys, circumcised is better and for others uncut is. When did universal rules ever get us anywhere? It’s intellectually lazy. I do think that a man should be entitled to what happens to his own dick, but after that–who cares? It’s his damn body.
    #3. Why am I hearing talk of Fassbender as a woman-batterer? Can someone elaborate on whether or not this has any truth to it? Because I like a cute guy but if we gays continue to drool over someone despite being a moral failure then we really have lost our self-respect.

  16. I think he’s a very sexy and i’d definitely hit it. It’s sad that the majority of gay men these days see plastic pretty as the only kind. It’s no wonder we’re so divided and catagorized amongst our own kind. And yes, Shannon and Mael are complete idiots. Get over yourselves and free your minds.

  17. @genital mutilation – Quite possibly the stupidest comment ever made about foreskin. Congratulations, you’re a fucking idiot.


  19. mael, seriously? the word “yucky”? what are you, five?
    foreskins aren’t icky. they’re a part of the body. get over it.

  20. Those blurry pics don’t do the scene justice…you’ve got to see the movie to appreciate that hot man-meat! Especially the scene in which he pees…you can see his low hanging nut sack between his legs!!!

  21. I knew he was hung. If that is his dick, flaccid, then I can only imagine how big it gets when he’s hard. And he’s handsome!!!!
    I really feel like people need to chill the fuck out, about circumcised vs. not.

  22. The backside isn’t bad but the front isn’t anything to write home about. Very disappointed. Apparently George Clooney will settle for anything.

  23. I can’t wait for this to hit Blu-Ray!

  24. genital mutilation is cool | January 17, 2012 at 2:44 am | Reply

    Yeah Meal, if you’re not a fan of superfluous skin, why don’t you take a razor to your eyelids, considering that they basically serve the same function as a foreskin.

  25. no comment on nudity it is all the property of the owner , can do whatever he likes with it, you dont want to watch him , then dont , your choice

  26. STFU Maël, you brainless piece of shit.
    He more than likely just has a short foreskin being born in Germany where only muslims and jews mutilate their little boys genitals.

  27. STFU Maël you brainless piece of shit.
    He’s German born so he more than likely has a short foreskin. Circumcision is not common at all in Europe.

  28. @Maël, I get it you are a troll and a sad, sad excuse for what barely measures as a boy. Grow a pair and maybe mommy will let you post again.

  29. @Mael you’re an idiot. Go educate yourself.

  30. thanks god he’s circumcised and dont have a yucky foreskin

  31. Can’t wait to see with better quality.

  32. I saw it today, and it’s very sexy, but extremely depressing. Fassbender gives a very fine performance, and there’s lots of his naked, sexy body. He even goes into a gay club for sex!

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