20 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Michael Vartan"

  1. Handsome face!

  2. He was born in France where the never butcher their boys except for archaic religious puposes.

  3. He has low hangers

  4. Eternal quarrel between all-US cirumcised dudes and Eurppean uncut guys.Shows foreskin envy,,,

  5. You’re an idiot. He’s not uncut, he didnt go out of his way to pull his 4skin back. A lot of guys are cut and some 4skin still remains around the head of the penis.
    Shut up.

  6. Vartan is uncut. I have this on dvd and the zoom shows he pulled his foreskin back but some of it came back over this glans. If America wasn’t so foreskin phobic he wouldn’t have bothered and we could’ve gotten a great foreskin shot.

  7. This man is gorgeous in every way!
    Damn, I wish he would let me suck him off,and swallow a big load of his hot,juicy cum! I could be happy with Michael Vartan forever!

  8. These pix are from 2000 or so; pre-“ALIAS”!! Check out Season 2 & 3 of Alias to see him pumped up! OHHHH BAAABBBYYY!!!

  9. my cocks bigger than his girls ;) | July 12, 2008 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    whoever siad his dickis two different coulours must be about 7 years old. its called a bell end lol!

  10. DAMN!he is so fine and cocks is even finer.i would want to suck those cocks or feel them in my ass going hard on me.

  11. I love his whole body! Face, wonderful hairy chest (not too thick or full) as well as his endowed dick and low hanging balls. I would just love to have those twins banging against my ass and have him cum in my mouth and give it back to him with my tongue.

  12. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh….
    i just luv his cocks!!i feel like suckin it rite nw…i wnt it in ma tight ass i will feel gud!!!lolhw lng would it be?

  13. omg ge is so hot and his dick is even hotter i just want to have sex with him so vartan give my a call of a email li=ove sexy

  14. nice face and a sexy body not too muscular but very nice!

  15. omg i hav nvr seen a celeb whoz shaved their pubes off but he has hardly any

  16. douche, look closer at the still… he’s cut. why do you think his cock is two dif. colors?

  17. It just goes to show, the big dicks don’t get all the action.

  18. super low balls!!!!!!!!!!!
    knee lenght!

  19. i love him…but yet im very disturbed by this picture…weird…

  20. Love him and all of his lusciousness…He’s definitely French with his glorious uncutness

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