!! OMG, he’s naked: Mick Jagger !!

David Bowie must have had his hands full during his alleged affair with Mick. See how full in an NSFW still from the 1970 film Performance, which was reportedly cut before the movies release after the jump.

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9 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Mick Jagger"

  1. Wrong Matt, they were cut. I’ve seen the very interesting (and not boring) film many times. At no point does Mick’s full frontal body appear. Most critics agree it is one of the finest films ever made. Sorry Vanessa, I doubt you know how big David Bowie is, and you don’t know how big Mick is either, because he doesn’t have an erection here and you don’t judge endowment by flaccid size. No Wow, his penis isn’t quite small. It’s perfectly noramal sized, and looks quite healthy in it’s flaccid state. Some penises grow much larger when erect.

  2. This is a picture of a normal flaccid penis. Of course it’s small. Any man’s is, unless you’re John Holmes or something.

  3. His penis is quite small.

  4. Oh all u haters just have to be jealous and bring up the rumor about Davis!!!Get a life you morons !! Mick rocks and even if he did sleep with david i don`t care i still would love mick anyway and marry him if i could!!
    GET a frigging life

  5. Vanessa Sterling | August 16, 2009 at 10:43 pm | Reply

    I think Mick is the one who may have had his hands full with David. David is much more well endowed. Much!

  6. What am i looking at anyway?

  7. does he have 2 penises in the pic???

  8. OMG! This site is becoming an Internet wayback machine of poor quality nudity that happened before most of us were even born.

  9. these scenes were never cut. the film was never a huge success over here anyway, more of a cult film, and a bit boring actually.

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