!! OMG, he’s naked: Nick from ‘Big Brother’ !!

Those of you that still watch Big Brother (is that anyone?) will likely remember contestant Nick Starcevic. Apparently he was a season favorite in 2007 and one that everyone lusted over. Well, keep drooling, people. Nick’s self-taken naked pic showed up on Guys With iPhones and now it’s here for your viewing pleasure. See nick in all his glory after the jump.

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36 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Nick from ‘Big Brother’"

  1. Say what you want, but that cock is perfect… not to big, not to little.. put it like this, it is perfect, much like the person it’s attached to. I lusted over Nick while watching that season not only because he’s beautiful, but because he was nice all around… he’s not typical of a beautiful dude. sure, he knows he’s hot, but he’s not arrogant or a douche bag about it. I love that dude and would lick the sweat off his balls. lol.. PS: dude is not straight.

  2. I is just perfect thanks god he is straight I would love loosing my vcard to his yummy cock

  3. He is sexy , he is hot – i want tu suck his cock.

  4. he is concentrating way to much on making his boner look larger, probably doing a keigle as he took the pic. lol, would have been better if he were looking into the mirror with a disinterested look on his face… still fuckin hot though.. i love this site.

  5. Unless the bone structure in his face changed between those photos, it’s not him.

  6. i would suck his cock in an instance and then bend over and take up my ass

  7. You people that say it isn’t him are so dumb I can’t take it! I know others have said it, it’s a f–king mirror shot. He’s standing in his bathroom everything else matches. Yes mirrors invert images… And also he’s very very hot, I’d like to see more of him.

  8. The tattoo is not a mirror image. A mirror image would not show up on the opposite side of the mirror. If you think about it – the mirror image and the real image are facing the same direction so the tat is on the wrong side. PLUS, look at the bottom. The mirror image tat is tapered at the bottom and the real image is not.

  9. stephenchucky | June 19, 2011 at 5:38 am | Reply

    who cares if it’s him or not. what a prefect looking cock. yummy!

  10. There’s no way the tattoo can switch arms like that. A mirror image doesn’t reproportion the body. Also, the tattoo is more curved at the bottom.

  11. I’m pretty shocked by how nice his dick is.
    Perfect size & curve.
    Isn’t this the guy who had a “Top 5 Guys I’d Fuck” list but he’s completely straight?
    Is he uncut???
    Very nice…

  12. What a letdown!
    I suppose he’s doing his level best to make the most of his meager endowment, but I’m afraid he comes up short in my book.
    Oh well, at least it’s cut and hard.

  13. yes please.

  14. Mrs Patrick Campbell | June 18, 2011 at 5:38 am | Reply

    Big ‘ol ‘Mo with nice tinymeat!

  15. tasteslikeass | June 18, 2011 at 3:33 am | Reply

    *bends over* feel free to destroy me. Damn, he’s hot!

  16. like they say the bigger the muscle the smaller the…
    what a waste of beautiful body mmmm 🙁

  17. OK. OK. OK.
    I half expected to see a butt shot. This is not only cock but ANGRY cock!

  18. Not impressed….

  19. Juan Pierre's Mustache | June 17, 2011 at 8:42 pm | Reply

    The top picture shows the tattoo on his right arm and the bottom picture the tattoo is on his left arm, you people need to follow things that you can actually trust like the position of his thumbs.

  20. I want {that} inside me. Wow!

  21. Sorry guys but it’s a fake. The tattoo was photoshopped and a pretty sloppy job too! Someone was smart enough to realize that with a mirror image the tat would appear on to be on the wrong arm but they weren’t smart enough (or careful enough) to clean up they paste job so that the pixels match when you do an enlargement. But it’s a nice fantasy anyway.

  22. It’s him.
    Its a mirror shot so the tattoo is there.
    Just switched because its taken in a mirror.
    Hot damn.
    Thats one hot bod.

  23. Christian, check out his opposite shoulder–the tat is there. He’s taking the pic in a mirror.

  24. @Christian: Um, you can clearly see the tattoo in the nude photo. The photo is a mirror image so the tattoo appears on the opposite shoulder.

  25. Aside from looking nothing like him, the tattoo is on the wrong arm. Am I the only one not convinced?

  26. The Tat is there, but it is a mirror pic, so on the opposite shoulder.

  27. The tat on “Nick” is on the right shoulder. The tat on “iphone guy” is on the left shoulder. One of the pics could be flipped, accounting for the different shoulders.
    It’s hard to tell if they are the same tat, but they do look similar.

  28. Hey Christian: it’s called a mirror. The tattoo is on the other side..

  29. this is him, i know that pose he captures his image through the mirror so everything is in mirror view so naturally his tattoo is depicted at the other side,

  30. can someone explain a mirror to Christian he seems mightily confused

  31. Christian: The tat is there. It’s on the arm to the right since he’s taking the photo in a mirror. Look under his hand.

  32. Christian, duh, it’s called a mirror my friend…

  33. Damn…..just makes you shake your head and say damn!

  34. Nick the Dick! Hot!

  35. that is not him look at his tat on his shoulder and in the pic below he dont have it

  36. I still watch and love BB (except for last season). Beautiful Nick!

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