!! OMG, he’s naked: Ozzy Lusth !!

I haven’t really watched Survivor ever since they introduced the “Exile Island” aspect of the show, which I find tedious and confusing, but I did see a couple episodes of the current season, Survivor: Cook Islands, and arrogant jack-ass Ozzy Lusth is one of the few guys that I was hoping had done porn.
Well, lucky me, because he played a starring role in Playboy TV’s hardcore reality series Foursome, and you can see stills from it, or even watch the whole episode after the jump [NSFW].
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Click to enlarge. Watch the full video here.

And finally, compare and contrast with Ozzy’s fellow Survivor contestant Jonathan Penner:

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57 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ozzy Lusth"

  1. Ready for action!

  2. whatever ozzy did ,ozzy is the ozzy

  3. kristee_bitch | June 20, 2014 at 3:19 pm | Reply

    yayy… I found the video 😀

  4. Ozzy is walking around half HARD, for sure.. Penner is normal.. and a decent normal.. I;ve seen bigger full length, hang less than his is at that particular normal. People that try and judge penis size are just ridiculous.. Unless u are viewing a full erection. My own ranges from a 4″ soft difference all the time.. Depends on room temperature, body temp., mood, etc. Such a dumb conversation.

  5. You do realize that Ozzy is semi and Penner is flacid?

  6. realitycheck | March 6, 2013 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    for those who say the photos are fake, just search. the video is posted on xhamster.com among other sites. so to those who claim this is photoshop work, what do you have to say about the video? stop making an idiot out of yourself when you don’t know the truth – obviously.

  7. Attention: Can’t Believe People, there is an idiot here and it’s YOU. That is absolutely Ozzy. I’ve seen the video and he’s even talked about doing it. He regrets it now because it was an impulsive decision. I think even Stevie Wonder could tell that those screen caps are indeed Oscar Lusth. What a dumb ass!

  8. Can't believe People!!! | July 15, 2012 at 2:44 am | Reply

    You guys are stupid if you think that that is actually Oz in ALL those pics. Who ever photo crap choped these forgot to add in his Tatt, dumb fucks leave him alone and critisize yourselves for believing in This type of shit. Now go find a fucking life!!

  9. much I wanted to see the video please talk where to find him

  10. Didnt Ozzy have same type love afairs on the show? so no change! His step father taught him well,is just as bad, an actor in a gay movie and on the pownetwork.com-heroes or villians tab-M5 for gary mosher

  11. Gimme Jonathan Penner anytime!

  12. where can i find more foursome episodes, i want to download them free, please tell me

  13. can you post jonathan’s video as well? thanks 🙂

  14. Hey who’s “me”? You’ve got low expectations

  15. Am i the only person who isn’t mad about this? We all make mistakes and i’m sure he regrets this. But like he said in the interview, he needed money, sure it was a risky mistake, but hey we’ve all made them.

  16. OHH PLS!
    if u love ozzy (oscar lusth) accept him watever he do! anyway its his lyf! he even doesnt know u guys! i know ozzy very much, hes a fun guy 2 be with! OHH GOD! if anyone can hav a 1 nyt stand y not ozzy? duhh his a man! hes vulnerable! duhh! even though hes a dodlike player in survivor, hes not a godlike in lyf so plz very very very plz! dont criticize ozzy!

  17. Jenny, get off your high horse. I bet whoever you are screwing right now has been with a lot worse. And I can be sure that OZZY wouldn’t touch YOU with a ten foot pole!! Get a life, everyone has an event in their past that they are not proud of and if you don’t, you haven’t lived!! Hehehe

  18. Hey Guys, I know you’re all kinda disliking a bit Ozzy for this but he’s a different person now. I still love him and he’s still amazing! Look at this article and you’ll see. Taken from http://www.tvgasm.com/newsgasm/news/survivor/ozzy-lusth-the-survivor-cook.php
    In his interview with The Slug, Ozzy is asked if he’ll “be starring in any more Playboy series.”
    “No. That was me being young and stupid… The whole thing was me being stupid and needing money. I just didn’t really care too much. I didn’t ever plan on being on Survivor or in the public eye. I made a stupid mistake, and it’s something I’m not really proud of. I think since then I’ve grown and changed a lot. It’s a past chapter in my life. I’m definitely not planning on doing any more of those in the future.”

  19. Actually, that is Ozzie. It has been confirmed, go to his imdb.com profile.
    Sorry guys but it’s him. I was a little disappointed he’d do glorified porn, too – but whatever.
    I saw the film clips of the video and he’s still really hot but I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole after screwing those skanks.

  20. I recently, no it was in fact yesterday, that I watched the Survivor finale. I know, I know I arrived late for the party but it’s the broadcaster’s fault. Anyhow looking at the person I saw there and the person I see here pains me. Ozzy seemed like the most genuine, sincere, amazing and wonderful person but after seeing this how can he possibly be? He has either reformed from his awful ways or is a very good actor. Any way you look at it the point is that he was a porn star. I know it’s hard for all the Ozzy fans out there(and I know that there are lots) to beleive but the evidence is over-whelming that this IS REALLY OZZY. I know that you are sad because beleive me I was sad too. I honestly don’t know what to do because I feel a though I don’t know him anymore.

  21. yeah i dont figure that is Ozzy either… but the actor is pretty damn fine..

  22. I don’t like this at all. Ozzy was my favorite as well. For some strange reason this makes me sad. Not because I’m rigid, but because I thought Ozzy was “deeper” than this.

  23. Man I can’t beleive that Ozzy would do something like that. He was my favourite on Suvivor. I thought that he had the best attitude and was a good-natured person, but I was so wrong. I am so disapointed in him.

  24. that’s from playboy’s foursome. who’s the chick he fucks? her name on the show is Marie? is she a pornstar? anyone got links of her?

  25. he is so sexy in those pics. I wish that he would hump me. right now
    I am so horny .

  26. OH MY MOSES!!
    he is so fine
    i love the showw.
    damnn what a long
    member, if you catch my drift.
    lol [laugh out loudd]
    i am..
    so horny right now, by a lot.
    i wish i was that girl
    if you know what i mean
    well i gotta go masturbate
    if you know what i mean
    g2g [got to go]
    but believe me i will be back.

  27. is this confirmed ozzy, cause its so damned hot..i wish he would do that to me..

  28. wtf? that’s fat to you?

  29. When was Ozzy that fat?

  30. Dam ozzy boy use gota big kahuna on u haha bt nt big as mine suka :p cheahh if u want we can hav a battle with our kahunas takng out every hot chik out there yayahhh.. ;p

  31. Oh come on guys give us a brake …it’s not ozzy in those pictures…why u wanna do this 2 him …simply because he’s mexican…it’s about time 2 get over these bulshit /crabs….Ozzy is a realy winner of survivor 13 for me and many others whether you like it or not….he’s a real Tarzzzzzzzzan…go ozzy go

  32. i was sad when i found this web site. so sad. i cant believe that OZZY would do that!! he was the coolest and im my eyes the most respected player in the survivor game. and honestly now i have lost soo much respect for the player that he was on survivor after ive seen this. in his game he sure as hell deserved to win. but after this i hate the person who he was. i mean just the respect factor for him is gone. and i feel sorry for he fact that this camo out on him.

  33. when i first saw the pix,i was like,r u sure its ozzie?!he’s my fave in the survivor and that guy’s got a killer smile and a big thing that makes girls wanna gooo awwww….

  34. is Ozzie Bi? would love to get behind his hot ass for a deep hard play time.

  35. how you know gay ozzy lusth or jonathan penner or jeff probst are which nude?

  36. Oh yummy!! I love Ozzie, soo hot!!

  37. I think he should had won on the show and for the pictures also!!
    wish Adam and PJ had some aso!!!1

  38. Uhhhhh ummy
    i love this
    me ad my boyfriendnare doun it r


  40. nice pics. i’m loving ozzy even more, te queremos ozzy, te queremos, u make my day.

  41. god he has a big dick!!! want to suck that!!!

  42. one word to describe ozzy…HOT. HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT!

  43. holy crap!
    i was an Ozzy fan as soon as i saw the boy in the promo pictures.
    but i’m definitely a happy camper now that i’ve seen these pics. lol, wow, i just sound like a perv.

  44. I love Ozzy…even before I found these pictures!

  45. he’s hot. but you can’t really tell much about the size of a guy’s dick when he’s soft. he doesn’t look much bigger in the video when he’s hard. and jonathan penner looks fine.

  46. Jeff Probst nudes??? I’d love to see these!!

  47. I gave up watching “Survivor” a few years back – bored with it now! BUT, Ozzie is sure a sweet piece of eye candy, naked or not – AND the boy had a nice unit. 😉

  48. fernando aka tony | November 15, 2006 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    please, put a rapidshare link cause in brazil we can´t use the megaupload server, please!!!

  49. Ozzy is one of my favorites. I don’t think he’s arrogant or a jackass at all. A little cocky at times ( or a lot as these pictures attest) but not an ass like Nate can be.

  50. as borat might say
    very nice…how much?
    jack e. jett

  51. when you take pics of yourself+ movies they will ALLWAYS end up on the web. so dont go bitching + complaining about it.

  52. Thanks for this! Ozzy is one of the main reasons that I love survivor this year!

  53. El Chile Grande | November 14, 2006 at 12:18 pm | Reply

    Too many chichis and chochas on the video…. LOL

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  55. Your tip me link isn’t working. It states Page Not Found.
    Do you have the Jeff Probst nude pics? If not, I do, and I’ll send them to you. These are real, and were “outed” a couple of years ago by an ex-girlfriend.

  56. hey there:D…where’d u get this video?..can u share it to me please. thanks

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