!! OMG, he’s naked: Russell Brand !!

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Russell Brand, this year’s MTV VMA HOST, who recently got into hot water with the BBC for crank calling 78-year-old Andrew Sachs from Fawlty Towers on the air. And we have a screen cap of Russell getting into hot water with a male companion, literally, after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the tip.
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14 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Russell Brand"

  1. Time for a 2018 re-do! Did it once, might as well. Perhaps a little “action” this time.

  2. Russell Brand is beautiful, inside and out. Sexy too!

  3. @Yankcock69 – that’s because you fu(k dirty people – people who shower regularly have no smelly dick, even if uncut.
    You’ve got to raise your standards girlfriend

  4. Hes disgusting,what is this all about? Im a Yank in London & boy do I HATE ugly smelly uncut british cock! Yuck!!!

  5. well for #1 shagger im dissappointed, but thats what drugs will do to yah. LOVE u and your small wee-wee. !!! and 15 minutes, wtf are you talking about he’s a worldwide standup comedian. xoxoxo

  6. it is him, its just quite old, hes gone through a lot of different styles in his quest for fame, he was even peroxide blonde in his drugged/drunk/sexxed up days.
    it looks like tom delonge circa enema of the state era in the shower with him haha

  7. Ohh he is so HAWTTT and *S*E*X*Y!!!! This is an episode from Re:Brand. I want to see more of Naked Russell :-b

  8. that is him. awhile back before he grew his beard. its just awkward seeing him naked with another guy after he said he wasnt into guys like that. what is this from by the way? does anybody know?

  9. it is him, its from a program he did in 2002 called re:brand. he was still addicted to drugs then.
    i think in that episode he takes a homeless guy to his house and baths him and gives him food.
    there’s also an episode where he jerks off a guy in the toilets!

  10. I honestly don’t think that’s him in the picture.

  11. I don’t think he’s ugly, but im just wondering why is he in the nude in that picture? Is it a porn?, or some funny sketch?

  12. he’s fugly and that pic of his head doesn’t even look like him. and he’s not funny.

  13. eeuuwww!!! Aren’t his fifteen minutes up yet. go away!

  14. Man is he one ugly dude.

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