!! OMG, He’s Naked: Scott Herman !!

Scott Herman of the most recent Real World: New York cast has proven to be the vainest Real World exhibitionist this side of Eric Nies– and that’s saying a lot! I’m certainly not complaining. Scott may be a preening princess, but he sure is pretty! After the jump, check out his latest “workout” video, in which he shows a sliver of luscious buttcrack along with an outrageously ripped torso. And yes, if you look carefully, you will see that we’ve got another pube-shaver on our hands. (I’m thinking of starting a nonprofit called Straight Men’s Pube Crisis. Please send contributions!)

A couple caps from the video. I love a man in white overalls!
Not satisfied? Here are a couple of clearer shots of his butt, from Ethan Says:
And I don’t know where this one’s from, but I don’t care. That’s a butt!

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17 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Scott Herman"

  1. That’s the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. It’s so perfect it should be declared a national treasure. Plus he’s gorgeous on top of that.

  2. Pro shavers are idiots. The only ones who get “Afro pubes” are Blacks, Latinos, and hairy people like Italians/Spaniards. Northern Europeans, Slavics, Asians, and other Europeans with straight thin hair do not get bushy pubes. Now you go look at a nude Scandinavian man, and then a nude Italian man, and see the difference.

  3. I found this, I know it’s fake but it’s nice to pretend

  4. Pubes are not gross, nor disgusting…and they do serve a purpose. First off they are a visual indicator of sexual maturity, they collect secreted pheromones, reduce external friction during sex, protect sensitive skin in the pubic area, and they protect skin on the pubic area from certain infections, rashes, irritations, and acne. God, people are so stupid. Having sex with someone with no pubes is like having sex with a child and unless they JUST shaved, you can feel the God-awful prickly hairs.
    Scott Herman is a fine man, I’m happy he doesn’t ALWAYS have his-self shaved.

  5. PUBE SHAVING SHOULD BE A REQUIREMENT FOR ALL MEN GAY OR STRAIGHT!!!!!! Freshly shorn pubic regions are much nicer to look at and MUCH nicer when sexy time comes!

  6. i aggree with the dude below me. i don’t know what kind of shit all u other guys are smoking, but i don’t like a big ol’ bush on guys either. I’d rather not get hairs in my mouth when i’m giving a guy head. shaved and trimmed is so much better and so much more convenient!! lol

  7. Uhm… having shaved or trimmed pubes is way nicer than a pubic afro.. yuck. Maybe the people that like a man with a pube fro are into “Bears”. I like my men and women to be trimmed or smooth… because nobody likes hair in their pie!

  8. I’m not so sure this is a straight guy. My gaydar got several blips.

  9. i would very much like to fuck him;)

  10. To fucking die for! Thanks Scott! 😉

  11. eric nies? from real world 1?? LMFAO! he’s like 58 now!! hahaha
    herman is fricken hot!! u could crack a walnut between those ass cheeks. lol!!

  12. Thanks for the support! and the bush is back so chilllll 😉

  13. Very Very nice, indeed but he ain’t got nothing on Eric Nies !!

  14. …im glad guys (in general) are shaving their pubes..pubes are utterly DISGUSTING! they serve NO PURPOSE what so ever other than to look dirty and gross. Being all smooth and pristene just looks sooooo mush CLEANER and its totally mor hygenic.

  15. fromdabaybitch | December 15, 2009 at 7:17 pm | Reply

    I have to agree – the straight male shaving their pubes is silly! When, where and why did that trend start?

  16. cause bmad sucks frank get someone better

  17. once again… no peen.

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