!! OMG, The Conner Look: The Fashions of Roseanne !!

Third and Delaware, the website devoted to obsessive analysis of the fashions of Roseanne, is burning up the internet. And with good reason. They’re cataloging every episode and are already up to season 5. Now that’s dedication. Here’s what they have to say about Crystal’s outfit, seen above:

For Crystal, it’s not enough to have two babies nine months apart, a husband twice her age, crazy eyes, and already questionable fashion sense. No, she’s got to go out and buy the largest and loudest baby carriage she can find! To top it off, she went shopping for an embroidered tee to match her stroller perfectly! Maybe she’s doing the neighborhood a favor, announcing her arrival through brightly colored clothes and accessories that serve as a warning signal. “CRAZY APPROACHING, CAUTION!”

(FYI, I have always hated Crystal!)
As far as I can tell the site doesn’t mention this, but I have this theory about Roseanne that the quality of the episode correlates directly to Roseanne’s obesity. The fatter Roseanne is, the better the episode. Has anyone else noticed this?

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3 Comments on "OMG, The Conner Look: The Fashions of Roseanne"

  1. Ah, Roseanne. My family watched this and Married with Children religiously.
    Ain’t schadenfreude grand?
    I should check this out.

  2. I agree-she was so funny at the beginning when she was huge. Then she married coke head Tom Arnold and had all sorts of scary plastic surgery. The show “jumped the shark” when they won the lotto.

  3. LOL I always felt sorry for Crystal – trying to fit in, living in Roseanne’s large shadow.

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