!! OMG, he’s naked: Steve Bond !!

Steve Bond, who starred as one of the hunks on General Hospital in the 80s, posed for Playgirl a few years before he got famous. You can imagine what it might be like to play doctor with him after the jump. NSFW.

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19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Steve Bond"

  1. Richard Unlatch Matchless Gere

  2. Centre mayor superstar Conservative party Kris Butterwroth Towelcoccyx cocky shit Manion County Executive power couple Brian and Why Zowin

  3. In the 5th, 6th and 7th photos you will see a vein running down his gorgeous cock,and in general you see his left testicle hanging a little lower than the other one!How sexual!

  4. many years ago I did s blow job to Steve Bond.He did not want “deep throat”; he wanted me and himself to enjoy the cocksucking.With my tongue, with my lips, well.difficult to describe.After some time he cummed abundantly and I swallowed, but he stayed erect and once again…..It was gorgeous, the best bj ever!!!!

  5. many, many years sgo, when Steve and I were young we had sex at least on five different occasions: bareback; because HIV had not appeared yet.He was a real artist in fabulous foreplay and awesome penetration: waves and waves of orgasms shuddered by body and then he cummed spectacularly in incredible orgasm! Bygone times! All I can add is he was beautiful when naked, and his member, flaccid or aroused,was fascinating to see and to touch!

  6. the circumcision done to him at birth in Haifa, Israel, is perfect, no scars, a little foreskin left:an example to US doctors who perform awfulcircumcisions!

  7. I prefer uncut cocks, but this cut cock is gorgeous: veiny shaft, big, and no circumcision scars, so doctor who prformed his circumcision should win a Nobel medicine prize for it…Unless, it is an uncut cock with foreskin retracted: quite possible!

  8. I would love to be in bed with him! Gorgeous sexy body, captivating eyes, beautiful big veiny cock! What more could I ask for?

  9. he is very handsome, has beautiful captivating eyes,well-formed body and a very desirable big cock!

  10. this guy has a cut cock which is above the average of all All-American cut cocks I have seen in showers and lockers in US colleges and Universities: well formed, beautiful glans, good size. He can certainly do sex wonders with it!

  11. what a beauty…love Jewish boys.

  12. Whatever happened to him?

  13. Great cock,great hair,what a hottie! Id so love 2 see that beautifullt cut cock hard & in my mouth! I can taste it now. Old pics & old news,but when I watched GH in the 80’s & he was on,I dreamt of munchin on that!

  14. i would love that C*** in my A** and mouth he is sooo sexy

  15. I like that last one.

  16. He’s beautiful. I remember when young men had pubes.

  17. He was very yummy.

  18. loving it.

  19. looks more like late 70s, but who knows, was a HOTTIE! Now anyone know??

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