!! OMG, He’s Naked: Sting !!

Have you been dying to see Sting‘s stinger? Yes?! No, me neither! In fact, my penis has just inverted itself and will probably not be seen again for weeks.

But, I mean, if you’re longing to go a-wand’rin in Mr. Styler’s fields of barley, click after the jump for the NSFW pics.

(Thanks to Dan for sending these our way.)

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12 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Sting"

  1. Sting had a great body and a nice looking cut cock and big balls. Lucky trainer got to up close and personal with him all naked.

  2. Just because he’s naked and that guy is stretching his legs doesn’t mean he’s gay. Maybe the guy is Sting’s massagist or personal trainer and Sting just wanted to feel relaxed and free in that beach, but paparazzi don’t leave famous people know what privacy means.

  3. Is he cut? I can’t tell.

  4. *chuckle* those pix are so homoerotic.
    I mean really, a shirtless bear is stretching him, and he’s naked.
    Anyway, I found some pix of him from around this time forever ago. I was into him for years.
    It’s cool if he’s not your cup of tea, but you have to admit, for a middle aged guy, he’s got it going on…without being quite as full of himself as Bono.

  5. Actually, these pictures are not appealing in any way.

  6. AverageGaytheist | January 17, 2010 at 5:23 pm | Reply

    Ummmm… Why you bitches getting all riled up? For the love of peen, we can’t all be fans of everybody all the time. Gawd… People are so sensitive…

  7. Time to delete this site off my Bookmarks……going down faster than a Value Jet.

  8. Nuthin wrong with these pics – he looks good, and it’s amazing what he can do with his legs. Why has this blog turned so nasty?

  9. brosen, correct me if i’m wrong i don’t remember ever seeing billy’s dick in the movie– just dr. manhattan’s. and dr manhattan is entirely CGI.

  10. Off topic –
    I finally saw “Watchmen” the other day. Not much of a movie, compared to the graphic novel, but one really BIG surprise:
    There are several scenes with “Dr. Manhattan” (Billy Crudup) in a v-shaped bikini or just naked (I guess you can get away with public nudity when you’re bright blue from radioactivity. But to the point – Dr Manhattan’s got a HUGE dick! Prosthetic? or really Billy Crudup’s?

  11. old pics lets try getting something noone seen 15 years ago

  12. Hey Bmad, I havre an idea. since you like to offer your 2 cents about those who expose their dicks, (be it good or bad) – why not show us YOURS and let US rate it and offer OUR 2 cents?

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