!! OMG he’s naked: Terrence Howard !!

It’s like his penis inverted itself for the sake of making his butt more bootylicious. I’m not quite sure why Terrence Howard allowed this footage to make it into the final cut of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but you can share his embarassment (and admire his naked ass) after the jump [NSFW].

Terrence Howard nude Get Rich
Terrence Howard nude Get Rich
Terrence Howard nude Get Rich
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69 Comments on "OMG he’s naked: Terrence Howard"

  1. Be kind

  2. A cute dick

  3. Adequate normal adult penis on a big big
    Big sexy man.

  4. His penis is a turn on; as is his body

  5. Regal in his own right

  6. Real man real penis!!!!!!!!!

  7. Terrance Howard is a very big man
    And renounced international sex symbol!!!!

  8. Lives matter | June 17, 2020 at 6:27 am |

    Plenty of fully grown adult penis that size.
    Please stop teasing tertance

  9. Terrance Howard is one sexy man with big balls
    And manly looks.

  10. Top dose nude that’s a big big man

  11. Terrance Howard is manly

  12. He sure has ball to pose nude.
    My dads dick might be smaller!!!

  13. despite unwarranted ridicule about his penis Terrance
    Seemed willing to shower in a major motion film,
    Seen by the masses.
    It takes a big man to shower with a perceived tiny
    Penis . What balls Terrance had . That’s a a big big big man!

  14. Wow

  15. Don’t tease. He still is cute and sexy

  16. you can tell it was cold in there look at his ball they are all drawed up to his body! the fuck how big his dick is let me tell you something if the girls didn’t like it they wouldn’t he chasing him. what God gives you. I don’t think you have a problem in that department.. Besides he’s got a tongue and fingers too.. Lol

  17. OMG that is the smallest penis in the history of small penises lord have mercy..its like a button how is that even possible no wonder hz crazy

  18. Needle penis. Nice fat bottom.

  19. Anonymous | April 1, 2015 at 8:35 pm |

    The shower has alot to do with it. And its true, it’s not the size, its how you perform from beginning to end. Once that blood flows, he’s probably more “enlarge” than the ones that hangs. He also made some beautiful kids out of it….

  20. I’m sorry for you terrance, hell man you got the money now, SHIT BUY ONE.

  21. Damn,Damn,i love me some terrance,but now i will be looking at you totally different..DAMN LOL.

  22. I am saddened by the size queens on the site. If you understand the male body, some guys have larger appearing penises during the flaccid stage, and can grow considerably. And some guys may hang 4-6 soft and only grow an inch hard.
    You can not look at a mans dick and say that he has a small dick. that why they have the term
    grower and shower, some are growers and some are showers.

  23. Mine is even smaller I am white dude with micropenis but his makes me see there are even black dudes that are tiny too Lol

  24. jim johnson | July 16, 2012 at 4:58 am |

    both him and 50 looked extra small in that scene. O.O

  25. guess who | June 2, 2012 at 1:09 pm |

    thats a damn shame!!

  26. His very small cock and his big meaty butts make him most fucksble! I’d like to penetrate him deep!

  27. I understand and know that the penis is typically small during a flaccid state and it can grow much larger when erect, however, this looks comical. His ass is very much feminine. It’s nice though. It looks like he has a vagina though with a big clit. I can’t help but chuckle he looks feminine from the front view. I am not a hater of small flaccid penis’ but T in this shot looks like a woman. I don’t care about or for this man and don’t think his acting abilities are all that worthy! His love of white flesh has turned him into a man that gets abused while he in turn abuses.
    Grow up people and stop wanting to f*ck anything that you think is even slightly attractive. He’s bad news.

  28. wow hes got a great ass. I always thought he was hot and wanted to fuck him. I want him to sit on my face. Shove my tongue all up in there.

  29. he’s got a chick’s ass and a button dick. and a suck-ass attitude. at least the motherfucker can act.

  30. Damn he’s handsome, always wondered what he looked like in the nude.. Howard is a beautiful man, I find it funny that people are judging his penis size by a completely flaccid state. Regardless I’m sure it grows to a reasonable size and gets the job done quite well, he seems like he’d be very intimate and romantic.

  31. whatyoudoingboywitallthat | November 2, 2009 at 7:15 pm |

    damn, yall dont know if that shit real or not, but if it is, it’s hella small, but damn that ass is fat and beautiful. i’d have terrence howard limping and crawling away from me. i’d fuck him so good his dick couldnt help but come out.

  32. I guess not all black men are packin

  33. All i Have to say is that he is good looking and as for that penis, they do that, give them fake penises, it’s not porn ppl…lol…oh and he has some ass

  34. hahah he got a pee wee willy

  35. i wood fuck him any day.

  36. kelly8me | May 2, 2008 at 9:26 pm |

    i like him hes hot.
    he does kinda have a feminine booty…i love how “king” on the defensive lol.
    who cares anyway if he got a small LOOKING peepee…what i say, “DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE A FLACID PEEPEE”

  37. Everyone needs to stop hatin’. He does not have an ass like a female the camera angle was shot from the bottom. His penis looks small due to the fact he’s wet and with the cameras and equipment the set couldn’t have been warm so that caused it to retract. Check the guy in the background because his looks small too. Plus Terrence is straight so being around other naked men would make your penis flaccid too. This movie was a theatrical release not a porno so there no need for anyone to have a large, erect penis.


  39. Oh my G I love Terance Howard with unbelievable passion and Im 19. He is hella fine and oh so delicious. I just wanna say that a wet unstimulated penis is small to begin with, if all you women dont know that small flacid penis’s grow in length more than big flacid penis’s ( scientifically proven) where yall been. Who cares if its small flacid once the blood starts flowing then you worry about the size. Terance you can come holla at your girl anytime daddy anytime.

  40. that nigga fine as hell but that dick is just to small

  41. thomas crown | August 12, 2007 at 11:49 pm |

    damn reading these comments are making me realize just how small I am. you girls gotta give us guys a break its not the size its how we work it. I’m small and proud just like terrence.

  42. really small


  44. that is a damn shame that shower must have been hella cold to cause all that shrinking and people talkin bout that is fake…naw bra he just aint working with shit…with his female booty…..u see 50 cent didnt sho whis package………

  45. you can tell that this shit is so fake. ya’ll need to stop hatin on my man cuz i kno ya’ll would die to have him.

  46. his penis is tiny btu his ass is big and juicy
    it is a shame his dick is so small wat can he do with it

  47. You girls are crazy – if you knew him you would NOT like him…then he does not have the goods up front?! Don’t think so.

  48. Why would he be filmed like that?! I’m a guy and if mine looked like that I’d get a lil’ blood flowin’ to make it bigger before shooting. He’s got a chicks ass LOL…

  49. It’s no fake. I’ve seen the movie (which sucked) and that scene (which I watched over and over!) is the real thang. Terrence has a tiny wiggly little weener. I’m totally in love with him. Tiny is cute. Terrence is honkin gorgeous. Him having a little dicklet just makes him that much more vulnerable and appealing. *drool*

  50. bria aka lil bizzy bone | March 25, 2007 at 11:31 pm |

    yo please tell me this shit is fake

  51. he has the longest most curvaceous basketball booty I’ve ever seen on a man. Why does it look like he’s standing on his tiptoes or is trying to hold in some booboo in the first two shots? That last shot is disappointing to me. man! Maybe it’s like that, because of water shrinkage and it’s soft. Those images have gotta be photoshopped. I’m gonna have to rent that movie and freeze frame it to make sure.

  52. I mean his ass is nice and juicy, but his penis was soft, a lot of dicks turn into massive monsters once they hard. I’d still fuck him, while i grab that ass

  53. George Claybrooks | December 12, 2006 at 10:02 am |

    why so small. im shocked

  54. You mean that aint Buffie?


  56. Terrence Howard sexy as that one thang and his booty juciy HELL YEA

  57. i’ve seen loads of dicks that small. what’s the big deal?

  58. osti est ben p’tite merde

  59. make thats not his pee pee, trick photography. i hope

  60. his pee pee is so small. baby got back, but no front

  61. Baby got back, but no front! ahahaha!

  62. vee in the dee | July 28, 2006 at 2:41 pm |

    maybe it was really cold in that shower????

  63. your lieing…

  64. that’s ther smallest pee pee I have ever seen, and I have seen a few.

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