!! OMG, He’s Naked: The Real World Sydney’s Dunbar Flinn !!

It’s hard out there for a former reality star! One day you’re one of seven famous strangers living rent-free in a fabulous Ikea-furnished house, and then, next thing you know, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge invitations have dried up and you’re left with no choice but to waggle your semi-flaccid member around in some semi-softcore Playboy video.
That’s exactly what happened to The Real World: Sydney’s Dunbar Flinn (yes, I guess Dunbar is a name!) who just made quite an appearance in Playboy’s Foursome video. I didn’t know that Playboy videos featured male frontal nudity at all, but I guess things have changed since my youth, because in this one Dunbar shakes it around a little and receives what looks to be a tepid beej from some lady.
Also, there’s a lady in it! It’s Playboy! Go elsewhere if that kind of thing grosses you out; some caps are after the jump.

Thanks to CB for sending these our way!

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11 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: The Real World Sydney’s Dunbar Flinn"

  1. Heat was in porn? I would like to see that. Although, I would rather see him in a gay porn, getting hardcore with 12 Pack. Come on boys, hit it when you are still hot! It sure looked like 12 Pack and him were more than just friends from the way he worshipped, looked at, felt up and talked to 12 Pack. It seemed like he was jealous and looked heart broken when 12 Pack was getting chummy with some ho in “I Love Money 1”. Wasn’t it revealed by a 12 Pack’s supposed girlfriend, in “I Love NY”, that he worked as stripper in a gay bar? That means he will do it for the right amount of ducats. Are there any gay porn producers here reading this? Please get to it before we lose interest on those two.

  2. Why don’t they just do gay porn? They’d make more money fucking dudes then popping it in some sushi. But anyway WOW I always thought he was hot. I’d kill to see Brad Fiorenza though 😀 not that was one sexy real worlder

  3. phx sweets, Rico wasn’t in a gay porn, he was in a hetero porn, meant for gay guys. SG4GE I think it’s called.

  4. What about Heat(I love new york) I thought he was supposed to be naked too? yummy…

  5. Hold Up Rico is in a Gay Porn. Which one?

  6. Where’s the video for this? I wanna see

  7. is that punkin from flavor of love?!

  8. This had other reality show contestants too besides him, Michele Noonan from “Big Brother 11” and Heat from “I Love New York” along with Pumkin from “Flavor of Love”. TMZ reported this a while back.
    I’d like to see it, for the freak factor alone.

  9. Let’s hope he follows in the footsteps of fellow reality alum Rico and goes from Playboy to an actual gay porn site.

  10. Looks delicious!
    Real guy, really cute real guy! 🙂

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