!! OMG, he’s naked: Tom Hardy !!

Actor Tom Hardy got decidedly bulkier and balder for his role in the movie Bronson. See him in the buff from that film and in more NSFW shots from the movie Colditz when he still had that boyish thing going on after the jump. (Thanks to CB for the shots!)

Click to enlarge. See more nudes of Tom Hardy here and here.

Tom Hardy nude

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14 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Tom Hardy"

  1. Well …. his (flacid) dick may not be the biggest or longest.
    Nevertheless he is one of the most sexy hunks on this planet …. also an actor with a wide range of talents ….. and the fact that he didn’t mind to act in total nudity also if his dick wouldn’t be ‘gigantic’ ….. that honors him extremely …. and that makes him absolutely sympathic and adorable

  2. It’s refreshing that he doesn’t have a stupidly gigantic penis and yet he’s confident enough to go full frontal. It’s not even small, it’s quite average and realistic.

  3. Ugh hes so hot ♡

  4. I agree that he looks tiny in most shots there, almost like a baby (particularly those Brosnon pics), but I’m uncut and mine looks literally exactly like that sometimes when it’s cold or I’m naked in an awkward situation too (doctor or whatever). Erect though I’m a bit over seven-inches, average girth. Foreskin looks the same when cold too but when erect I look almost uncut. I would guess he’s around the same – not a porn star or a beer can, just a regular run-of-the-mill penis.

  5. I love Tom hardy and don’t let a uncircumcised penis fool u .. I’ve seen some grow as much as 8 1/2 in … I’ll take his any day

  6. would love to have one night with tom hardy, im sure his penis would do just fine

  7. Tom did a great job on Bronson. He’s a top notch actor and I’m looking forward to seeing more work from him in the near future.
    Now as far as his penis goes…well hes isn’t circumcised and he’s flaccid so in all reality a man at his age can double or triple in size when erect. meaning even though he appears small doesn’t men he is. I would put him at about 6-7 inches in length.
    It isn’t about how big your penis is but how well you can use it. If you have skills then a woman or Man can look past the size of one’s member. Men can be so lazy you expect a woman to climb on top of you and do all of the work while you sit there. So woman or the same way and that’s a shame. Turn on some porn and get busy! Toms comfortable in his skin and that’s sexy, he’s honest that’s sexy, and he’s not afraid to express himself again sexy. That makes for some good love making take note.

  8. Tom did an extraordinary job on this movie. His acting was spot on and I believed he was the real Bronson. He really transformed himself into this role, and it shows.
    Now… as for as his penis (I can’t believe I’m committing on something so asinine). Toms penis realistically isn’t small. He’s 30 years old at the time of the filming of Bronson he was in his mid to late 20’s meaning his penis was still growing counter that with the fact that he is not circumcised and his actual length is somewhere between 3’0 to 4 and a half flaccid. Errect he could be anywhere between 6 and 7 inches long and that my dears is normal. Now I don’t care how long or thick your penis is, if you don’t know how to use it, how to move your body, how to make a woman come “for-real” then your not doing your job. I’ll take a small dick with skill over a large penis with little action. OH! and Boys don’t just expect to let the ladies do all of the work because you’re too scared to experiment.

  9. Just the the movie it was a great movie n Tom Hardy was amazing specially on the nudity parts! Love it!

  10. He has a lot of foreskin, quite long, which makes the peen look bigger. He looks to be a thick average or just a bit above average. However, not much in the lowhangers dept….

  11. This guy is gross….and TINY….LOL

  12. ‘Bronson’ now available on Netflix insta-view! hot (and good).

  13. It sounds like a very difficult role for Tom Hardy, but I’m sure he did a fine performance. However, I have a dislike for movies where the plot presumably takes place in the mind of the main character. Plots that take place in a protagonist’s subconscious always seem to have those harsh back-to-reality endings and the audience is always left holding the sad finish bag. I’ll rent the DVD primarily because I like Tom’s work, but also because he does quite a bit of full on nudity so I’ve read. Yummy

  14. I will finally be able to watch this film, so I can’t wait. I hear it’s terrific and Hardy’s performance is extraordinary. So the fact that a high-caliber flick like this has plenty of cock in it is pure win

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