!! OMG He’s Naked? Top Chef’s Stefan !!

I just got this from a tipster who claims it is Stefan from Top Chef of a few seasons ago. (Two? All those chefs blur together for me these days.) Anyway, I am not totally convinced it’s him, cause one, this guy seems a little hotter than Stefan was and two, whatever is in that can he is holding does not appear to be a top quality beverage of chefly caliber. Anyway, decide for yourself after the jump. AND YES THERE IS D. NSFW.
(Thanks to Clinton for the tip)


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20 Comments on "OMG He’s Naked? Top Chef’s Stefan"

  1. Not him. This guy is all over flickr without his sun glasses.

  2. The real Stefan is WAY hotter. To katze–Circumcision is rare for men in Europe. Yeah, there are some, but not a lot and the ones who are are usually Jewish and even then not all Jews are circumcised. I’m part Jewish, about 1/16, and I’m not circumcised and I’m glad I’m not. Keeping it real feels real good.

  3. Totally not him. This naked guy is all over Flickr’s nudist photo groups…. He has tons of pics on flickr. Sorry to spoil it for everyone.

  4. *chuckle*
    It’d be hilarious if that response was from the real Stefan. I doubt it, but still.
    Anyway, whoever the guy is, UNF.
    UNF to Stefan, too. He’s like a fresh Bruce Willis or something. *licks lips*

  5. Geez it is not me LOL. And actually it is my favorite Beverage the guy has in its hand. LOOOVE BUD LIGHT. And im not cut we don’t do such a cruel thing in europe. We keep it like it is. So now boys breath and come eat in my restaurant in santa monica and if you are lucky enough you mite figure out if i go comando or not lol.
    Culinary Wishes

  6. Proof this is not Stefan, who I think is really sexy btw. Check out this YouTube video. The REAL Stefan has a large shoulder tattoo.
    Mmmmm, Stefan….

  7. Quite a lot of people in Europe are circumcised. There are no laws requiring a person to have a foreskin if they’re born in the EU.

  8. It must be him! What are the chances that there was another Caucasian male with a shaved head in the world?

  9. um,so not him. and btw, stephan is from finland. he wouldn’t be circumcised.

  10. Stefan, not Stefan, who cares. Guy is hot!

  11. I’m trying to figure out why so many people are having such a fit with this one. It obviously states quite clearly that Bmad isn’t saying it ‘is’ for a fact the person in question, he even says he’s not sure at all about it. If people would take two seconds to ‘read’ then they would probably save themselves quite a bit of trouble and stress.

  12. People can be so nasty! Chill out!

  13. Whoever he is, and I don’t think its Stefan, is FUCKING HOT.

  14. Unlikely, as Stefan — born in Finland and raised in Germany — is most definitely uncut.

  15. hahaha it might not be him… you think he cooks commando style?

  16. i don’t know stefan in real life, but just using a trained eye: it’s not the same guy. take it down dude, before you lose that credibility. p.s. whoever the guy is, he’s hot!

  17. definitely not him. i don’t know stefan, however i doubt he would mind being confused for such a hot guy.

  18. who is it? bruce willis? i think i’m pretty clear about the iffy provenance of the photo, but if you know more, tell, and i’ll clarify. (you can also email me with info about the photo at [email protected] if you don’t want to post it in the comments.)

  19. please take this down. it is not him. I know this guy and I don’t think he would appreciate you putting up his pic claiming its someone else.

  20. WRONG WRONG WRONG…..that is notwho you are saying it is!

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