!! OMG, he’s naked: Trevor Donovan !!

90210 actor Trevor Donovan, who plays Teddy (the most-likely-to-be gay character on the show), took some nude modeling shots earlier in his career.
After the jump, check out the NSFW shots of naked Trevor sunning himself on a rock, interacting with an alien (Clothed Alien Nude Male?), and physically coming out of the closet (without any clothes).

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Trevor Donovan"

  1. Talk about on golden blond! I hope Trevor always shares his God given bounties with his fans.

  2. its from an a&f quarterly a few years back, actually like 5 or 6 yrs back, i have it somewhere

  3. i love my hot young blonds, and he is deffinatly hot

  4. cool…

  5. Those were/are way sad. you can see more booty and even some dick in the new A&F catalog. And the alien thing was creepy

  6. Ah, pointlessly catty Shannon… He’s only pale when you are expecting Jersey orange, his ass looks fine though it never gets a good angle, and the first pic is all you need to see to know he isn’t skinny in a bad way.

  7. Looks like Gaga found a guy!!

  8. WTF is with that alien? LOL

  9. Nice ass. Too bad we don’t see everything.
    And, is that an alien or a giant sperm?

  10. There is nothing to these pics…skinny…pale…no ass…

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