!! OMG, he’s naked: William Miller !!

Spanish actor William Miller (yes, I said Spanish, not British) played a daring role in the 2004 Spanish film Sindrome, a psychological thriller featuring drugs, violence, and sibling sex.
I’m posting this one especially for those who are complaining about the naked butt photos. This clip features not only extended naked cock footage, but William is sporting a semi in the second one. Enjoy the nakedness in all its purity, you crotch fascists! Clips are NSFW.

Download clip 1 here.
Download clip 2 here.
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Sorry there are no caps.

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: William Miller"

  1. cn u jst pls put the pic..since there seems a problm 2 view the vid..i only gt the audio..cn u pls post some still pic..i think its better thn watchin a blank video..huhu..tq

  2. OMG!!! Thankyou so much for this. I LOVE William Miller! He is so beautiful!!! Thanks again.

  3. Only audio here as well — dang it — I want to see some penis! Any way you guys can fix this download for those of us who never get any???

  4. Kinda bogus. I tried two days in a row to download. I get dialog and a nice light show but no naked Man. Very disappointing.

  5. Those having trouble with the video, try the k-lite codec packs.
    Though I recommend against installing the media player classic, it’s kinda useless and sucky, especially if y ou already have VLC.

  6. I only get audio when I download, no picture.

  7. William is gorgeous. I would take issue that he is sporting a ‘semi!’ That’s a full fledged, rock hard cock. A beautiful one I might add. Oh, that it would be me instead of her!

  8. I can’t play the video for some reason… even after I downloaded DivX… sigh…
    I was really looking forward to that…

  9. YUM! I want more.

  10. one on one with you wouldbe heaven

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