!! OMG, he’s not ‘actually’ gay: Ben Johnson !!

Ben “Beef Jerky and Toiletries” Johnson (kudos to Wonkette for coming up with the nickname) of the Iowa College Republicans has sent out an email rebutting the obvious fact that we all have been pointing out over the last few weeks: That he enjoys the penis.
Some highlights of his letter (read the whole thing here):

1. I am not actually gay, even though the way I dress and talk may betray that fact ever so slightly, ha.

3. Solders in Iraq really do love beef jerky! I have the thank you letters to prove it. I encourage all of you to send them tons of it!

Also enjoy this bonus video! Watch Ben butch it up with a cigar in his message to the Republican candidates:

(via Wonkette)

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4 Comments on "OMG, he’s not ‘actually’ gay: Ben Johnson"

  1. As much as he tried, he gave himself away at the end with his hands. Cigar or not she’s a big nelly Queen with a capital K (for K-a-ueen !!)

  2. this letter is hilarious… he’s obsessed with “serving” the soldiers… would somebody please dickslap that bitch!!… i’m sorry for this rudnesss but i’m so allergic to those endless closet-cases… especially him… i don’t know why… maybe i wanna have his baby… ok, i’m pathetic… but it’s a pitty i don’t live in iowa, i would be totaly his type of woman… no, i’m lucky… he’s a totall douche!!

  3. neither do I.

  4. He’s such a douche bag. Kinda hot though. Yes, I have no shame.

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