!! OMG, He’s Out: Sean Hayes !!

In the biggest news since we found out that the moon is not actually made of green cheese, The Advocate has just broken the huge news that Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes is a gay. What do you know! I had no idea he was in the closet in the first place. I can’t decide what to think about this, but Mr. Hayes seems kind of annoyed at the whole thing:

“I am who I am. I was never in, as they say. Never.”

“What more do you want me to do? Do you want me to stand on a float? And then what? It’s never enough.”

“I feel like I’ve contributed monumentally to the success of the gay movement in America, and if anyone wants to argue that, I’m open to it. You’re welcome, Advocate.”

My predictions for the next stars The Advocate will force out of the closet: Jim J. Bullock, Elton John and KD Lang!

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11 Comments on "OMG, He’s Out: Sean Hayes"

  1. Love him in WAG

  2. omg! i love love LOVE him. so hot and funny

  3. I met him years ago and thought he was a really funny & cool guy…we shared the same trainers. I don’t know why people expect actors/famous people to come out publicly. If your jobs were at risk because you publicly declared your sexuality, you’d think twice about it. It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless.
    Good Luck Sean with everything you do, and I hope you are having a happy life!

  4. Why on earth are people being snarky about this non-news post? And you don’t know him but he seems like a douch? He’s a dick for not coming out? He JUST SAID he was never in, for cripes’ sake! Ridiculous. The Advocate makes this whole story out of nowhere and people get pissy about it. Nothing to see here. The guy is a-ok with me.

  5. @mattan
    “anyone who doesn’t come out is a dick…”
    Why should gay people ‘come out’? A straight person only announces their sexuality when it’s questioned, yet gay people are expected to make a public announcement. If they don’t, they are accused of being a liar and in the closet. It’s such a bullshit double-standard that gay people sadly buy into. I think it’s that double-standard that causes a lot of youth suicide. Gay teens and young adults don’t feel comfortable about telling friends and family so they think they are being dishonest and end up feeling unnecessary guilt. I think there would be less hang-ups about sexuality if we didn’t feel like we had to explain ourselves. Why can’t we just BE?
    As for Sean himself, “I feel like I’ve contributed monumentally to the success of the gay movement in America,”. WTF?!?!?! How on earth did playing a character who featured EVERY single gay cliche contribute to our success? All it cotributed was the propogation of every stereotype straight people have of gays.

  6. I agree with the sarcastic sentiment of the post, in that if he was “never in the closet” and “contributed monumentally to the success of the gay movement,” he would find no qualms with being interviewed as a gay individual. His reaction is absurd, in the sense that someone who did so much for his community would speak proudly about being a member of said community, rather than cower under cynicism. It just reeks of hypocrisy to me.

  7. Wow, own that disc, will have to give it another look, again, could there have been any doubt?

  8. I for real choked on my drink when I read this. I don’t know why I’m surprised, I shouldn’t be- he wa freaking JACK or gods sake!! lol. But wow.. Aww I liked thinking he was straight, I would pulverize him lol

  9. Don’t know him, but he seems like a total douche. I mean Jack McFarland, you don’t play gay like that unless…well, come on, you’re a big fat homo. So when asked he replies things like, if you see me playing a gay guy, believe that I am a gay guy and if I’m playing a straight guy, believe that I’m a straight guy. Whatever…. I think he’s a dick, well anyone who doesn’t come out is a dick as far as I am concerned. Well, if you are a Republican and elected official, you don’t have to come out, we already know you are sweetie. Can’t wait for that hottie Illinois dude to get busted at a bookstore or cruising spot…woof! I mean come on!! Who ya trying to fool?

  10. He’s gay? Really? It’s kind of disappointing. For a long time I thought a straight guy was playing Jack. I think that made it funnier for me.

  11. Craig in Portland | March 8, 2010 at 3:40 pm | Reply

    Wow. YEARS before Will & Grace, there was Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss. In the film commentary, it was clearly noted that Sean is gay. It’s never been something he’s hidden. The shocking thing is, people are only now discovering this.

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