13 Comments on "OMG, he’s peeing: Randy de Puniet"

  1. You know, I just noticed. This guy nust not have anything on underneath that suit. Is that common?

  2. Hey.. Randy De Puniet is HOT!
    I’ve watched him on the race track on the motogp circuits and he’s one gorgeous guy. Luv his french accent too..and no he’s not small at all..Great pic man..keep it up..;)

  3. Well…not small…I’ve seen smaller, I would say average for a soft guy and he looks cut…could be, many French are getting it done now…other than that I would like to suck on it…he can pee on me if he wants!

  4. Well looks like its a common thing, there’s the guy behind him doing the same.
    Wonder what the spectators must think.

  5. Thank god for cameras 😉 And btw he is quite the good looking guy!

  6. he’s not small at all. what do you honestly expect when a guy’s soft, a nine-inch monster?
    great uncut cock on him. thanks for the pic.

  7. Hey kids, the guys takin a whiz, I dont think any of us look like a fukin stallion when were takin care of business! Just remember: judging a book by its soft bound cover can realy make ya miss out!!

  8. Well when u gotta go u gotta go.

  9. Hey Nathan, does that make you feel better to call him small because you have a bigger dick? I don’t see your picture on OMG. Hmmmm
    Fucking size queens … that’s so pathetic…

  10. lol small man, small… well, you know.
    he’s still hot

  11. woa! glad I’m not downwind of that stream….also, what’s the security guard doing next to him? lol.

  12. He could pee on me any day – just kidding! But he IS hot!

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