!! OMG, how absurd: Ben Johnson, College Republican !!

Ben Johnson, chairman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans, is perhaps the most pompous windbag YouTube has seen since Alexey Vayner.
Watch him talk about how he wishes “every young person were as politically active” as he, and how everyone but he has forgotten about 9/11.
And let’s not forget the beef jerky:

Now we just have to wait for his Manhunt profile to surface. I’ll even offer a fabulous surprise mystery gift to any reader who sends it to me!
(via Wonkette. Thanks to Scott R. for the tip!)

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13 Comments on "OMG, how absurd: Ben Johnson, College Republican"

  1. I still say he is beautiful. His politics blow but, sadly, I bet he doesn’t. Of course, by no means should we stop looking for the shirtless pics of this hottie on gay.com, or the secret papers announcing his induction into the Liza Minnelli Fan Club.
    If anyone has more pics of this stud, I’d love to see them–even if he IS doing a girl in them…!

  2. I’d show who’s boss though

  3. Republicans are pussies.

  4. omg… it’s allways so sad to hear so much crap getting out of someone oral orifice… he’s craving for some military jerky beef! that’s the only thing that made sense to me… i’ve never seen such a well desguised personal fetish… the denial!
    i’m from europe and i really can not understand how people can be so supportive about war… don’t get me wrong, i love the american soldier but without the guns and building some dike in louisiana ( they have a loads of them for use in the army) or saving houses from the fire in california instead of getting killed for the bankaccounts of oilcompagnies and misile-factories… i can not wait to see the result of the next elections… i want that hot piece of a clinton woman back in the oval office… she’s hot ( for a politician that is) xx from belgium

  5. i don’t think there is a straight guy on the planet who uses the word “toiletries”. i bet he uses the word “product”, too – as in, “i ran out of product, so i used my boyfriend’s cum in my hair.”

  6. I think he works as a BB bttm model for Treasure Island Media.
    Good lord…what hubris.

  7. he knows he’s gay right?

  8. “irregardless…”

  9. Jesus! Say what you want about this guy’s seriously messed up political views, but he is GORGEOUS…! He could top for me anytime, especially if he’s as good at it as his beloved GOP is at screwing the poor!

  10. hes having a hard time getting those soldier off his mind. Beef Jerkey and toiletries! LOL!

  11. Umm so ok the entire time I was wondering if he is the spawn of Laura Bush and The Joker. What do you think?

  12. Typical ‘young republican!’ All talk, and no action. Instead of taking his sweet little smile to the recruiters office, and signing on for a tour in Iraq, he does his part by sending beef jerkey and toiletries to the troups. How shallow!

  13. i bet he supports the troops, with his anonymous powerbottoming. Liberace called and told him to tone it down a little. Seriously tho, he said irregardless, is that like re-regardless? And at the end, what where those two ears of corn doing to each other? cornholing? what a great symbol for the young repub’s, irregardless of there genders, two phallic symbols going at it is hilarious.

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