!! OMG, he’s pregnant: Thomas Beatie !!

Thomas Beatie could be the world’s first pregnant man. He is transgender, legally married to his wife Nancy, and now 22 weeks pregant, with the baby due in July. Doctors and people in general have been confused, disgusted, and unsupportive of their efforts to have a child.
I don’t know why I’m surprised, given the average American’s limited capacity for compassion and understanding, but it does make me sad that even medical professionals can’t just do their jobs without bias.
Anyway, I’d like to say congratulations to Thomas and Nancy! I think the idea of pregnant men is pretty awesome. Maybe Thomas will start a trend. (via Towleroad)

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22 Comments on "OMG, he’s pregnant: Thomas Beatie"

  1. Nasty. Obviously…a man is not giving birth because “it” is still a woman..otherwise…uh no baby? Stop fucking up the way the world is supposed to work.

  2. SaltyDelights | April 1, 2008 at 11:58 pm | Reply

    is it safe??????? he obviously takes male hormones…is that safe for a baby????
    and why would a “man” WANT to bear a child? ask any man…a “real” man wouldn’t.

  3. I think that anyone who can love and raise a child to the best of their abilities should be able to do so regardless of gender identification by self or others. Congrats on the baby! WooHooooooo!

  4. I think its absolutely disgusting what they’re doing, the way they’re pimping themselves out to the media. If their goal is to “create understanding” this is not the way to go. They’ll pretty much become a freak show with many in the country being shocked rather than being educated.
    I’m sure he/she is not the first transgendered to get pregnant. Others have however decided not to sensationalize it.

  5. Yeah, “given the average American’s limited capacity for compassion and understanding”… I’m sure this would be welcomed in all other countries around the world with open arms and a parade. People are bigots. Not just Americans. Some people are even a little bigoted about Americans 🙂 …

  6. Sorry but as long as he has a uterus and can gestate a fetus, he’s still a woman.

  7. I don’t really want to get into an argument about the differences between sex and gender and one being a social construct or everything else that everybody seems to be arguing about, I just want to say:
    He may identify as a man. But identifying as one, and biologically being one are two different things. Therefore, this news story really isn’t ALL that interesting, until a biological man gets pregnant.
    Biologically, he is female, and biological females getting pregnant may still be considered the ‘miracle of life’, but it’s not newsworthy. I just want to know what kind of effect all his hormones are going to have on his child.

  8. Fuck legality… He is a man. A man with the most awesome gift of creating life. Nothing is closer to The Rhythm of The Universe, in other words… God.

  9. Can you please try to STOP being rude to AMERICANS. You claim compassion always are so hateful. Who are you to judge an entire country?
    OMGBLOG comment: the average American’s limited capacity for compassion and understanding

  10. He’s so not the first… A friend of a friend who’s a trans guy had a baby a year or so ago, he just didn’t decide to go to the media to get his 15 minutes of fame.

  11. Hormones don’t just leave the body that easy, so I am very concerned about this hurting the fetus. Plus, how do you tell your baby, your father is your mother? oh well, labels, labels, which we try to avoid..

  12. He’s legally recognized as a male. Why does he have to be know as either…whether he has a testicles or ovaries…why can’t he just be known as a ‘human’.
    Fuck it…if I could do that I totally would. But I think passing a baby out of my penis would be a real bitch.

  13. You know how they say “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. Couldn’t be more truer in this instance. He may legally be a man but biologically, he’s still a woman.
    If I could be honest though, if I were in his situation, I would find a surrogate. That’s just me though. The reason I say that is because all those testosterone shots would have some sort of effect on the fetus. Even though he stopped taking them, his testosterone levels would still be higher than a “normal” female’s.

  14. I think its awesome! Good for him! And as far as gender identity “just being a technicality”; I think thats pretty small minded!

  15. It’s a little bit more complicated than that. He’s a man, but he isn’t a male. Gender and sex are two different things.

  16. oops, i forgot to add that Beatie isn’t really “the world’s first pregnant man”. he might be the world’s first pregnant man who’s getting such amazingly huge media coverage.
    someone recommended the movie “Transparent” (2005) at Bilerico Project, and i’ll do likewise here:

  17. wow meowzer, that certainly explains why beatie had such a hard time getting medical help with his insemination! they simply didn’t realise that beatie’s just some sort of lesbian right?
    do you also believe that by your “technicality”, trans people should be using their pre-transition toilets (e.g. trans woman using the man’s toilet.)? wait, are you really one of the reasons trans people need unisex bathrooms?

  18. He’s not the first transman to have a kid. There have been others.

  19. How a person identifies is more than a technicality, Meowzer.

  20. I was surprised to see that ABC’s Good Morning America did a piece on him on Wednesday that was remarkably not sensationalized. The doctor they had comment about the pregnancy was very nice about it. She’s the same doctor that often appears on Dr. Phil. She said something to the effect of “love is all that matters.” I thought it was nice.

  21. why does s/he have to be from oregon? makes me sad.

  22. Problem is… he’s NOT really a man. He’s a woman. He had his breasts removed, but kept all the internal female workings. That him more female than male. It’s strictly a technicality what he calls himself.

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