!! OMG, he’s sad: Alec Baldwin !!

Apparently Alec Baldwin isn’t as happy with his recent Emmy wins and renewed popularity as one might think. He’s left to wonder, in his fifties, why he hasn’t become a legendary star, and why he’s divorced with limited contact with his kids.

…as William Baldwin, one of Alec’s three younger brothers, said recently, “There’s always something for him to f*cking whine about.”

Read the full story on THE NEW YORKER.

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5 Comments on "OMG, he’s sad: Alec Baldwin"

  1. (yes, that picture is crack.)
    To be honest, I can understand it. Fame and fortune are castles in the sky. Most of us spend our whole lives chasing dreams. When one is fortunate enough to reach them, he finds there’s nothing there. It’s no substitute for a real life, with family and friends and satisfying work. And those things are hard to achieve in the spotlight, where every little thing you do is public, and everything is blown out of proportion, and expectations are unrealistic.
    If this happened after Paul Newman’s passing, he is probably considering his own mortality, and wondering what his legacy will be.
    Ikow we are all still jealous of him for those meaningless things he has, but cut the guy some slack. And his family should be supporting him, but they are in-fighting because he achieved the most. Five minutes ago, Billy or Stephen had found religion, and then you didn’t hear anything more about that. One of them was on one of those trashy celebreality shows, even. Obviously, they are all struggling with that “Is this it?” feeling.

  2. Who cares what that sorry pig has to say … he’s a hack and a has-been

  3. At least he’s the most successful of all the Baldwin brothers. So suck on that, Billy!
    But times are different in Hollywood now too — how many of them out there are really considered legendary? Not that many — Alec should be grateful that he’s still A-list.

  4. nicestdionysus | October 2, 2008 at 11:35 am | Reply

    Ohhh, that MIAMI BLUES photo never goes out of style, does it?
    I love Baldwin. I know there are a lot of haters out there, but he is a brilliant actor any way ya slice it. Yeah, he seems sad and defensive and downright hostile at times, but I can’t help lovin’ that man.

  5. I want to lick his chest. His hairy chest.
    It’s like cotton candy, minus the sugar.
    And throw in some sweat with that hot bod.

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