!! OMG, he’s shirtless: Adam Brody !!

I’m bad. I still haven’t seen any episodes of the new “dark” season of The OC, but I saw in the preview that violence-prone protagonist Ryan (actor Ben Mackenzie) gets involved in cage fighting, which I find kind of hot except for the blood. It would only be better if Adam Brody was the one taking out his grief over Marissa’s death in a sweaty, half-naked way. I can see him aggressively jumping rope or playing Soul Calibur III with a cute little frown.
I digress. See some shirtless photos of Adam that I’ve picked up in my travels after the jump.

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And a blurry look at the goods:

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  1. I actually watched the whole first season of that AWFUL show, just because of Adam Brody. He’s very hot. But did you ever notice that when he talks, he sounds like he’s got a mouth full of saliva?!

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