!! OMG, she’s old: Hilary Duff !!

Why does Hilary Duff insist on dressing up like someone’s middle-aged mom? At the ripe age of 19, she looks uncannily like J-Lo (in other words: old). I don’t know what Glow magazine is, but they’ve put Hillary in some cheap glass earrings in the photo after the jump. Don’t miss it!

Hilary or Jennifer?
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2 Comments on "OMG, she’s old: Hilary Duff"

  1. i think u r so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and hot sexyyyyyy
    o yaaa u rock my heart
    sck my b ll

  2. Next thing you know she’ll be cutting all her hair off and running around town gleefully yelling: “Wash and go! Wash and go!”

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