!! OMG, He’s Slightly Naked: Mad Men’s Rich Sommer !!

Don’t get all excited– it’s not Don Draper and you can’t see any peen– but a naked Mad Men star is always a treat. And sexy cuddle-bear Harry Crane (played by Rich Sommer) has his partisans, right? You saw him in his briefs on the show, now see him in considerably less after the jump, from an appearance he made on Friday at some Twitter reading thing in LA. (Basically safe for work.)


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3 Comments on "OMG, He’s Slightly Naked: Mad Men’s Rich Sommer"

  1. Isn’t that Anne Hathaway’s gay friend from ‘The Devil Wears Prada”??

  2. huh. I haven’t watched enough Mad Men to recognize this guy.
    I’d hit it for sure. Sure, he could have a slightly better shape, but he looks homey and inviting. Cuddly. That top pic is creepy, though. Rictus grin, anyone?
    Also, SO much hotter with glasses. XD
    So, what is the context of this, anyway?

  3. I think he’s a hottie! I bet he would be great in the sack. LOL We need more guys like this and less muscle-bound gym freaks. :oD

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