!! OMG, he’s so, so right: Alan Cumming pushes back on gay stereotype !!


“You know, most of the abuse against children comes from straight parents—from straight men, actually. And its a terrible misstatement that gay men are somehow going to be more abusive to their children. It’s absolutely not true in any way. And yet still there’s kind of this myth in society. And I find that part of the whole prejudice that gay people suffer. We’re still fighting against it and I hope that this film will in some way help to eradicate that.”

—Actor Alan Cumming on the premiere of his movie “Any Day Now” at the Tribeca Film Festival
(via Queerty)

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1 Comment on "OMG, he’s so, so right: Alan Cumming pushes back on gay stereotype"

  1. As much as I’d like to agree with Alan, the absolute number isn’t important. What’s important is the rate of gay abusers versus straight abusers. Of course a group that accounts for 95% of the population is going to account for the majority of the abuse cases. I also wouldn’t be sure that all the abuse comes from men. It just takes a different form when women commit it.

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