!! OMG, what do you think of his new body? Perez Hilton !!

I’m happy for him and all, but there’s just something creepy about watching Perez Hilton dancing around in his underwear… with his mom. Kat Graham’s “Put Your Graffiti On Me” is on full blast, sure, but the blogger’s new-bod debut feels more like a Jenny Craig ad gone wrong than an Andrew Christian video. Sorry.
(via HuffPost)

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49 Comments on "OMG, what do you think of his new body? Perez Hilton"

  1. Yea he lost weight but fat or skinny he is so unfortunate looking giant head hound dog face girl neck and now a way too skinny body that looks like lipo, or lap band or tina. Bottom line… fat or skinny would not sit next to this ugly piece of shit on a bus.

  2. He looks sexy and healthy to me —nice face and body– a far cry from someone wasting due to HIV.
    He has some muscle and hardly any fat, probably an ideal body composition from a health point of view.
    Americans are so used to obesity, they think a healthy lean body is skinny and an overweight body is normal.

  3. I agree with so many others – he was cute a little chubby. This is just creepy.

  4. A lot of people are applauding Mario (Perez) for ‘being healthier’.; nothing is further from the truth. He looks malnourished and gaunt.
    If you take into consideration the DRASTIC weight-loss and the fact that about a year ago his postings on PerezHilton began occurring at all hours of the day (i.e.:2, 3 or 4am)… I think substance abuse is a definite possibility .
    I sure hope I am wrong. Tina isn’t a girl you want to dance with.

  5. SmartPotato | May 2, 2012 at 12:12 am | Reply

    Oh, the haters… but of course, that’s what he did: hate on. Which is what made him famous. But he looks FAB! Rockin’ abs, a great smile. He is a happy guy. And looks like he worked hard. And if he DID have help from the knife, wouldn’t YOU?
    I love that he was hangin’ with his mom. What gay doesn’t have a mother as his biggest fan? Just glad he’s not “gettin’ jiggy” with Paris What’s-her-face!
    Love you, Perez!

  6. uncle vanya | May 1, 2012 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    Instead of a charging wild boar, he now looks like a slab of shaved hog carcass in the butcher’s cooler. When you have an ugly heart, the improvements you do on the outside don’t really change much.

  7. He still has FBH (Fat Boy Head) and a gross soul, so I’m not interested. I prefer sites like omgblog that don’t pick on people for things they cannot change about themselves (like Rumor Willis and her chin).

  8. Gross.. He looks like one of those JIB-JAB online cartoons with his enormous skeletal face and under nourished body.. and the fact that he’s dancing around like a freak makes him seem tweaked on meth. There is something REALLY REALLY wrong with him.. no congratulations needed here. Concern and pity more apt.

  9. Ron Pearlman exactly. But without the talent.

  10. He still has that same piggy nose and that same busted grill. Plus, he’s disgusting.

  11. Now that he’s lost the chubb, he looks like Ron Perlman before he was hit with the Beauty and the Beast stick. BBEEEEAAAAASSTTT!!!

  12. He looks better with a little bit of weight! Yuck

  13. Good for him for being healthier, still don’t like him but thats for his personality, and I do have to say now it looks like his head is too big for his body, but just my opinion

  14. What he gains in looks he loses in personality – he’s still an ugly hateful pig.

  15. Good for Perez for losing the weight. But I wouldn’t run around in my undies if I had a bulge like his. Where was a pair of socks when he needed them?

  16. Liposuction is AMAZING! Must’ve been a ‘Buy One get 30 Free’ day at the package store.

  17. Oh my. He looks awful! Much cuter as a chubby. Now, he looks like an aids victim…sorry.

  18. ok let me know when he gets a new soul to go with that bod.

  19. Shawnaynay | May 1, 2012 at 7:26 am | Reply

    He looks GROSS.

  20. I’m happy for him, it’s hard to lose weight and he obviously has been working on it. I’m sure the haters r gonna call “meth” or plastic surgery and whatever but fuck em, I just hope he’s happy.

  21. omFg!!!!! I was wondering what happened to Perez. I know he’s a mess and I’m sure he knew that he was a mess, but I can’t believe he would even approve of such a thing. This is even more embarrassing than Mary J’s Burger King commercial. It’s hard to believe this person once had a following.

  22. Creepy & gross

  23. You call that a body? No amount of muscle can take the ugly off that!

  24. Gross, and that applies to both his physique and him as a person.

  25. woahhh he looks even weirder then before, wonder how much all that co$t him


  27. He looks like the guy who plays HellBoy…only you still know its Parez Hilton so it sorta like watching someone vomit..You know you should not look but it sorta gross enough to make you keep watching.

  28. he looks horrible. looks like hes dying of AIDS. the proportions are all off.

  29. Skinny or fat – the guy is creepy.

  30. totally gross

  31. Now his head just looks too big for his body, poor guy.

  32. I will forever find him unattractive. I’m happy for him too because he’s a lot healther but he is still uber creepy.

  33. spider3tattoo | April 30, 2012 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    Jeez, this fame-whoring trick will do anything for attention. What a ho. No.

  34. I have to agree. It is a step too far; more prisoner of war than fit. Plus, he comes off as such a douche he’ll just never be hot. Yep… sorry.

  35. He looks like a hairless Harry from the movie
    “Harry and the Hendersons.” MEGAGROSS.

  36. ew, but this is no worse than chris crocker dancing naked with his mother, as released on The Sword’s blog last week.. though at least crocker’s turned out to be fairly good looking. hilton is just scary in every way.

  37. Not going to watch the video, because no matter how much weight he loses, he’ll still be a creepy, talentless bully and fame whore. He can’t disappear fast enough.

  38. Meh, let him enjoy it. It looks like he worked hard.

  39. I’m sorry, his “new” body doesn’t help his “old” face. eeeyuk!

  40. It looks like an ad for an antiretroviral med, cause he looks sick, that’s ill, not like drag queen “sick”. He also looks odd, like a Ken doll, I think a good portion of that is surgery.

  41. He can change how he looks, but he still is a bully. And while his new body looks good, it looks oddly weird.

  42. uhgg! He is the most annoying queen since Richard Simmons. I want to be supportive of other gay men, but I find everything about this guy repugnant, juvenile, and grating. He acts like he invented gay. And yes the video is totally creepy.

  43. Dave Thackwray | April 30, 2012 at 6:00 pm | Reply

    OMG, it’s like Ron Perlman developed anorexia. Fair play to Perez for losing the weight and toning up but all I can see is a skinny Ron Perlman and it’s freaking me out a bit, like Hellboy is staring in a proana video

  44. He is disgusting inside and out

  45. Butterface…

  46. I won't grow up | April 30, 2012 at 4:44 pm | Reply

    Is it just me or does this egomaniac have the biggest teeth in the biggest mouth in the biggest head on the planet. All I can say is he looks like an old speed freak friend of mine.

  47. Looks like he’s on the Auschwitz diet.

  48. He looks like his head grew. Great work on getting how body in shape, but I don’t think I’d jump around in a speedo with my mother – it’s not gonna get him laid more!

  49. Meth; it does a body bad.

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