!! OMG, He’s Written a Letter !!

Zack from The New Gay has something to say! He’s written a letter to the president, and it’s much better than Pink’s! (Ok, I shan’t lie, PINK’s is also really really good.) Anyway, I’m kind of glad that someone’s bothering to be mad at the prezzie about all this gay stuff. because I’ve been so busy being completely apoplectic about the healthcare disaster that I’d actually forgotten about DOMA, Don’t Ask Don’t Rell, Rick Warren, etc etc etc. But give me ten minutes and I’m sure I could get mad about it all over again.
Zack writes:

Dear President Obama

…Right now you are simply a doll with a string in your back, parroting back the message we’ve heard since we first became visible: “It is not your turn. It is not your turn. It is not your turn.”

…. Last week, a transgender woman named Nana-Boo was murdered brutally on the street at 2:30 in the afternoon. And her blood is partially on your hands. When you ignore an entire group of people, or push them to the back burner of your political agenda, you send a message to the country at large that we’re not worth it. That we’re second class. That we’re expendable, and that violent or disparaging acts against us are as deplorable as swatting a mosquito. You have the power to stop this violence from the top down. Will you exercise it?

Click through to The New Gay to read Zack’s whole letter, which is smart and moving. Meanwhile do not get me started on this healthcare shit because basically I think the elderly should just be left to fend for themselves if they’re going to behave in this outrageous way.

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2 Comments on "OMG, He’s Written a Letter"

  1. are you insance, I have been in a nursing home and those elderly cannot fend for themselves … so bite your tonge when you are leaving that comment…. wait until you have a family member in a nusing home and hope not you don’t end there when your old!

  2. It is not the president’s job to make or write law.
    That’s why letters like this are dumb.
    If The New Gay knew anything at all about the US government, he would write to people whose job it is to write law.

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