!! OMG, hide your eyes: Betty White might have a sex tape! !!

Betty White! What is with Betty White lately?! I would love to see this lady’s chart, because she’s clearly having an astological moment. Of course I love any Golden Girl (and by the way, why do the Designing Women not get the adulation they deserve?) but enough with the Betty White! Now she (might) have a f*cking sex tape– which is sure to bring new meaning to “eating cheesecake on the lanai.”
News of this tape comes from third-rate gossip blogger and first-rate spam artist Zack Taylor (seriously dude, stop with the daily press releases!) who “reports”:

Rumours are going around that photos of Betty White and her late husband, television host Allen Ludden, engaging in sexual activities are going to be released!!

According to a couple industry insiders who have been contacted by the people in possession of the photos, there are a total of four pictures that were recently found in a box belonging to the now 88-year-old Betty – The box was supposedly left behind at her old house along with other memorabilia.

While Enough is enough! Let’s put this shit to an end before we start getting the upskirt photos!
[UPDATE: Oh and hey, it turns out if you do a google image search for Betty White all these topless pictures come up? Who knew. I put one after the jump for those who dare to click. NSFW!]


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3 Comments on "OMG, hide your eyes: Betty White might have a sex tape!"

  1. I thought it was common knowledge that she posed nude way-back-when. She even wound up on a nude deck of cards. Nine of hearts, I believe.

  2. The Girls never once ate cheesecake on the lanai.

  3. that is so fake!

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