!! OMG, His bulge: Taylor Lautner !!

Want to see Taylor “My future’s so bright I need TWO pairs of sunglasses” Lautner’s recently legal penis-bulge in Zapruderlike detail, reduced in magnification to the point of total abstraction!?
Duh! You’re reading OMG Blog! Which means you probably just woke up from a disturbingly Zapruderlike dream about penis bulges. (See how well I know you guys?)
Anyway, it’s after the jump.
[via Queerclick, thanks to Zach for the tip]


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21 Comments on "OMG, His bulge: Taylor Lautner"

  1. Yeah, he was cute when he was like 14, before he bulked up.

  2. Oh come on with this flaccid bull. Even if it’s flaccid you still can tell when someone has a tiny pecker. If it’s flaccid and no bigger then a thumb then odds are its around 6 inches. I’ve had enough dick in my like to say this with confidence.
    He’s probably an average sized guy, 6.5-7 inches which I think is just fine. I’ve always been OK with the average guy anyway. HUGE gigantic dicks scare me. I’m afraid of impaling a spleen so really 7-8 inches is my preference :D. But anyway, Taylor is fucking hot so who cares if he rockin’ a vienna? Anyway complaining would still do him and you know it!

  3. I say never judge a man by his flaccid penis. When it is time for lovin’ some grow lots and some don’t. And I agree, he doesn’t look like a lot of the other pretty boys out there and that is a great thing.

  4. one thing is clear. between these and other pics, he dresses to the left.

  5. six inch cut not an inch more trust

  6. That’s not a “bulge”. His cock is tiny, but has a big knob on it. Trust me on that one, dudes.

  7. he is 100 kinds of hot. i like everything about him – including his unique facial features. that’s what makes him hot, as opposed to just looking like everyone else. the guy is SMOKIN’. wicked body to go with it. my rikey. hey taylor – if you’re reading this, look me up. haha

  8. Meh. It’s probably just his pig-nose that extends all the way down to his pants.

  9. mintylaramie | April 24, 2010 at 6:01 am | Reply

    Seriously people. R we THAT desperate. There r plenty of actual peen to be had on the interweb. Must we waste time on lochness celeb peen.

  10. There was more defined bulge in a post-gym show of him back when he wasn’t legal. Didn’t look like much then, either. And while I wouldn’t say ugly, he’s not much to look at in the face area IMO.

  11. I hate his nose.

  12. OIC….
    well, meh. the prospect was hot, but I thought it would be more obvious. That’s about an “any guy getting out of a pool in swim trunks” bulge.
    Nothing special.
    He needs to take it to the RPattz level. Do a gay role, Lautner! Girls will watch it. Really.

  13. He must be wearing tighty-whities, something to smash his package. This is no more a “bulge” than you see on a male mannequin.

  14. Freekin ugly? What planet are you from?
    Admittedly, I don’t see a bulge as much as I see wrinkles in the pants. But, ugly? I would SOOOO do him!

  15. not. impressed. at. all. he is freakin ugly

  16. ummm, there’s nothing there.

  17. As the expression used in an old commercial:
    Where’s the beef?

  18. how sad

  19. Really? It’s come to this?

  20. Uh…what am I missing? I see nothing!

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