!! OMG, how intense: Russian talk show host’s hair !!

Is there anyone out there who can identify this woman? Whilst on a recent trip to South Korea, OMG reader Ryan captured this video footage of a Russian talk show prominently featuring a mystery woman who, in case you didn’t notice, is rockin’ the high-top hair cut to end all high-top haircuts, dark lip-liner and fake dimples.
Is she in fact a talk show host? Or is she a faded Russian supermodel from the ’90s? Perhaps she is Russia’s answer to Cat Woman Jocelyn Wildenstein? Or a revered former KGB operative/oil magnate that everyone is shit-scared to make fun of on the Internet? Watch the video and if you recognize her, please email tips(at)omgblog(dot)com with more information!

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3 Comments on "OMG, how intense: Russian talk show host’s hair"

  1. Hi=) I’m from Russia and i now this woman=) She’s our deputy=)) ha-ha=) yes in our country government looks really like this woman=)))))

  2. The show is “The School for Scandal”. And the strange woman is Valentina Petrenko. She is chairman of Social Politics and Healthcare Committee of Council of the Russian Federation.

  3. ha ha ha you were fooled again – that’s not hair it’s a Russian Papakha hat. She obviously as Cossack ties.

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