!! OMG, his butt: Boxer Ricky Hatton !!

Ricky Hatton might have a face like a boxer, but he’s got an ass that won’t quit. Check out the NSFW screen cap of Ricky’s pubes and butt after the jump.


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6 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Boxer Ricky Hatton"

  1. The french rugby team pose naked for charity and calender shots and now the Australian footie team also started posing naked. So which rock have you been hiding under ChrisM.

  2. It is very nice ass but I don’t think its Hatton’s. He got big tattoo on his back that says HITMAN, unless the picture is old.

  3. The frontal shot was a posed picture taken for UK Cosmo (they don’t show full frontal), and the rear shot is real. I have forwarded another pic of his face in that locker room to the blog.

  4. I understand that the rear view shot may have been taken without Hatton’s knowledge (matter of fact it might not even be Hatton). I am however curious as to why he would have agreed to the pose where his boxing glove is covering his genitals – just doesn’t seem to me to be something you would expect from a professional boxer.

  5. Simply Beautiful assets!! Grinning… Yes, definitely a wonderfully firm bottom!!

  6. I’d definitely put my face in it. :oD

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