!! OMG, his butt: Enrique Iglesias !!

Singer Enrique Iglesias is as prudish about getting naked as he is coy about his sexuality. I believe he’s straight, for the record, but that doesn’t make the reportedly real photo of his hairy butt any less satisfying. See it after the jump [NSFW].

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(Image Source via Sticky, link NSFW)

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12 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Enrique Iglesias"

  1. sad, so sad, the man is a hunk and such a tiny cock!, Damn.

  2. yeah enrique’s as is not hairy!!!

  3. noooo way thats my baby boy if that is him awwww hes cute top and bottom but stil that aint my baby boy

  4. what is publicized about Enrique is that he has a very (i mean very cute & tiny) small piece of meat (or is it a small pickle rather than meat?)… too bad for him…

  5. I’ve never thought of him as being coy about his sexuality. Hasn’t he been with that Butterface tennis player for a while?

  6. Just as adoring and as delicious as his face…RI is Gorgeous, top to bottom, and totally French kissable.

  7. No way that isn’t enrique’s but that can be true!!!

  8. Oh it’s not him, bloody shame, I was having visions mmmmm.

  9. As long as I have a face, he’ll always have a place to sit. I think he’s one sexy motha!

  10. It’s not Enrique. It’s a friend of his who was mooning the paparazzi while they were all sitting in a car. The picture was taken in London some years ago. There were other pictures from the same incident where you can see Enrique sitting in the backseat of the car laughing while the guy is giving the moon.

  11. i dont think its real. there was an actual pic of him withhis trunks coming down on a boat (you could see his face) and he wasn’t hairy.

  12. Damn that’s a hairy ass!

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