!! OMG, His Butt: Jesus Luz !!

For those of you who were disappointed by the revelation of Jesus Luz’s weiner: I think you’ll be more impressed with his butt! After the jump, and NSFW!
Thanks to the ever-faithful CBEntr for the pics.


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7 Comments on "OMG, His Butt: Jesus Luz"

  1. Primo butt – but I’m transfixed by Madge. How must it feel to have spent the last thirty years desperately working out and otherwise doing everything possible to look young – and still by 50 look like Mae West at 80?

  2. I don’t care who it is. nice ass!!!

  3. That is one gorgeous arse.

  4. oops! mistake! fixed. thanks for pointing it out.

  5. this is not Jesus but is actually Jon Kortajena from Tom Fords movie A Single Man

  6. this isnt Jesus, its actually Jon Kortajena aka the hot spaniard in Tom Fords A Single Man

  7. why the pic of Jon Kortajarena (who is actually attractive)

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