!! OMG, his butt: Joe Manganiello !!

Ever since Alcide the “good werewolf” appeared on True Blood to watch over Sookie, we’ve all been waiting for that revelatory moment of transformation (aka the moment actor Joe Manganiello morphs out of his clothes).

The moment happened on last night’s episode and you can watch it after the jump (NSFW).

(via Dreamcaps)

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2 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Joe Manganiello"

  1. LOL @ Tara lookin’ crazy in this scene.
    All things considered, she should go with the flow instead, ;-P I would have.

  2. i looove true blood and it has the hottest guys in it!! but when i first saw joe appear as alcide on it, he literally took my breath away!! he has to be one if not the most beautiful men i have ever seen. he is absolutely gorgeous from head to toe! oh what i wouldnt give just to be a floor sweeper or somethin on that set lol id have to go home and take cold showers every night!!

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