!! OMG, his butt: Mel Gibson !!

Mel Gibson may be a racist, misogynist religious fanatic crazy person, but one thing is for certain: he also has a butt. Lindy West of the New York Daily News reminds us of this, in an informative opinion piece about whether Mel Gibson’s butt should outweigh his crazy rants:

On the one hand, Gibson’s excellent bottom has appeared – sometimes clothed, sometimes not, always great – in such cinematic classics as “Lethal Weapon,” “Lethal Weapon 2,” “Braveheart” and “Lethal Weapon 3,” and America loves Gibson’s bottom like it loves a treasured pet, or a treasured loved one, or the treasured round and shapely bottom of a treasured loved one.

Or two round and shapely apple pies cooling next to each other on a window sill. Or baseball. We can’t get enough.

On the other hand, these pounds of flesh upon which we have long doted are – allegedly – attached to a virulent racist, a woman-beater, an anti-Semite, a bitter, rageful alcoholic. Possibly the worst person ever.

Ho hum– she lost me at the round and shapely apple pies part! All I could think about from that point on was butt! (I also don’t really care about celebrities unless they’re nude.)
Anyway, the important part of all this is Mel Gibson’s butt, which is after the jump. The pictures are from the Lethal Weapon movies, from when Mel and his butt were in my opinion at their peak.
Judge for yourself whether it’s the butt of a racist, misogynist pig, or the butt of a racist, misogynist pig you’d love to f*ck. NSFW!

Personally I’d say it’s fine but nothing I’d let anyone punch me in the face over. 6 out of 10. Next!

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15 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Mel Gibson"

  1. Halima James | July 8, 2016 at 11:23 pm | Reply

    Man (meaning…males) was made in Mel Gibson’s image…lol. Hmmmm! Perfection.

  2. all i can say is Mel Gibson has got one fine cute puppy dog ass that I would fuck anytime, anywhere and any place. that dog in that lethal weapon scene doesn’t know how lucky he is. he got to see Mel Gibson’s most prized possession. his penis and testicles. we only got to see his sexy as fuck bootalicious ass. god I wish i was that dog!

  3. doesn’t the post call him out as the complete asshole that he is? where was anyone “falling out” over him? i even said his butt’s not that great! jeez, everyone’s got a complaint.

  4. Travis, don’t try to justify your barbaric understanding of sexuality. The world should accept horny queers. Just not horny self-loathing queers that are so desperate for a bone they’ll seek one out from degenerate pond scum. Actually, I probably shouldn’t use that description, because it would make it difficult to distinguish between Mel and you.

  5. Jesus Christ! If this was another straight blog like Tuna or Egotastic & there were pics posted of some racist evil baby-eating slut with her hot tits out, you don’t think the comment section would be filled with,”Dude, bro, I’d still bang her…”?
    Of course it would!
    Mel Gibson is a homophobic loser(among other things)but there was a time when he was quite fuckable & had a world-class ass.
    God forbid, Shannon-& all the other idiots out there who fail to see the bigger picture-that the world should accept horny queers, when it can certainly accept horny straight guys!

  6. Gallipoli yes! That was my first I LOVE MEL moment. Running nude into the water with that cute blonde. Delicious.

  7. Well said, shannon. Thank God some of us haven’t lost our self-respect and dignity…

  8. his butt is not that bad. :]

  9. hahah!his butt is not that bad. :]

  10. oh, i just forgot, gilbert, but you’re right!

  11. Funny how, as a gay blog, you don’t mention Mel Gibson is also a homophobe. Is that a lesser crime than racism?

  12. This is what I mean you gay men on this site! You are so desperate and thirsty! THIS MAN HATES YOU AND WANTS TO SEE YOU DEAD YET YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT HOW “SEXY” HE IS!!!! THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE US!!! LIKE PREDATORS…

  13. Meh. His ass is OK here but the effect is spoiled by the horrid mullet. For classic Gibson ass you need to go back to Gallipoli and The Year of Living Dangerously, when we could enjoy his ass without delaing with his being an ass.

  14. Hahaha… remember that episode of “Family Guy” where Peter goes into the diner and hears “Surfin’ Bird”? And for the rest of the episode he sings “Well-a bird, bird, bird, bird is the word?” And it drives everybody crazy? And he starts singing it at the kitchen table? And Stewie’s reaction is to put a loaded gun in his mouth?
    It kind of reminds me of my reactions to Bmad’s postings on here.

  15. no no no. Mel at his peak is unquestionable Mrs. Soffel (1983). It’s like staring into the sun the beauty is so blinding.
    he would never look so beautiful (or so sane) again.

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