!! OMG, His Butt: Nicholas Hoult !!

Nicholas Hoult was an adorable little moppet in About A Boy, an impishly sexy bad boy in Skins and now a naked boytoy in A Single Man. Which do you prefer? Caps of Nick’s nude butt in Tom Ford’s classy period piece are after the jump so you can make an educated decision! NSFW.
[Thanks to CB for the caps!]


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8 Comments on "OMG, His Butt: Nicholas Hoult"

  1. I find him incredibly sexy, my number 2 on my list of celebrities I will definitely do it with…..(number 1 is Tom Welling…lol). His eyes are amazing, and he’s British!

  2. Ted, you haven’t seen jailbait until you’ve seen him in Skins…

  3. What?! The weird little kid in About a Boy is also the hot jailbait in A Single Man? My mind is blown!
    Also, I can never watch About a Boy again without feeling dirty.

  4. If I may note…apparently, there were scenes in the film which took place IN the ocean/water, which were deemed to hazardous for Nicholas, so therefore a body double was used. However the bedroom scene is definitely him (unsure about him on the beach, but in the water IS a body double).

  5. GROSS

  6. actually, if you look you’ll see that it’s clearly not a body double, at least in the bedroom scene– you can see Nick’s face in the same shot as his butt.

  7. If you read the credits = he has a body double for the nudity

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