!! OMG, he won’t go away: Reichen Lehmkuhl !!

Surprise, surprise! Amercia’s Gayest Famewhore Reichen Lemkuhl– whom Frank once described to me as looking like “a big red sex baby”– is returning to television!

Reichen, you’ll recall, started his a career as a winner on The Amazing Race, dated Lance Bass at the height of his post-coming out fame, and has spent the last 5 or 7 years trying to elbow his way into the frame of every photograph in America. Now Michael Musto reports that the fabulous Logo network (aka the Gay Wedding Channel) is humoring Mr. Reichen by putting his big expressionless moonface on their gay Real Housewives knock-off, to be titled A-List New York.

Also cast on the show, Musto reports, are “Big City Video’s Mike Cruz, up-and-comer Jack Hazzan, and an interracial couple.” But will Reichen be the Bethenny or the Jill?
[La Daily Musto]

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2 Comments on "OMG, he won’t go away: Reichen Lehmkuhl"

  1. I wouldn’t call Reichen a famewhore. Fame seems to follow him while he does what he wants to do in life…writing his books, doing tv shows, promoting gay rights…that’s why the real famewhores like to hate on him, cuz no one’s paying attention to them. Thank God we have someone like Reichen to represent the gays. He’s served our country, dumped the fake, users, and wash-ups from his life, and keeps going! He’s in New York doing a play now…what can’t he do? Oh yeah, he can’t make up for what his haters haven’t been able to do!

  2. I thought Perez would have been a gayer famewhore than Reichen. Heck, Bobby Trendy is a gayer famewhore than Reichen. Just sayin’.

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