!! OMG his butt, Orlando Bloom !!

See Orlando Bloom‘s NSFW bare bottom after the jump.

Thanks to RayRay et al for the tip. And for those of you wondering why I give an NSFW warning for asses, just remember that not everybody works at the Rainbow Lube factory, okie-dokie?


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12 Comments on "OMG his butt, Orlando Bloom"

  1. they couldn’t get a cock shot?? where the hell is nick lachey’s cock shot too? Asses is all they got out of these shoots?

  2. I think Orlando is HOT!! I would love to tap that A$$ anytime. he is so fine, I wish they would have gotten a pic from the front if he dropped that towel now that would be a pic to have, I heard he has a nice cock!

  3. I would definately put my face in it. :oD

  4. Nice view of Orlando. Many thanks for posting. Those who made negative comments about Orlando’s physical attributes should be required to post nude photos of themselves. Let’s see how they would react to hurtful comments.

  5. he has cum pockets!!

  6. OMG! He looks just like my b/f from behind.

  7. Tinks! To Graydon for the prop! And for the record…saggy and flat or not, I still hit it!

  8. Were can one get an application to work at the Rainbow Lube company? And do they give an employee discount? 🙂

  9. The woman with him is his girlfriend victoria secret supermodel Miranda Kerr…

  10. Love it! Orlando is hot!

  11. who’s the woman with him?

  12. It looks flat and saggy

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