!! OMG, his butt: Philip Winchester !!

Philip Winchester 5.jpg
I’d be remiss not to show a fellow Philip (even though he only has one L) a little love on the blog. Particularly when that Philip is crazy hot and has a killer buddonk. Then it’s just mandatory. After the jump, see the NSFW shots of actor Philip Winchester baring his backside in season two of Strike Back.

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4 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Philip Winchester"

  1. Outstanding! LOVE him!

  2. he’s naked practically every scene he’s in in Camelot (sky series)

  3. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long.

  4. Helden von Heute | August 16, 2011 at 10:50 am | Reply

    Doesn’t he look a lot like Perry King?

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