!! OMG, his fly: Hayden Christensen !!

What does it mean when an ambiguously straight male celebrity comes rushing out of a gas station restroom with his pants completely undone? I don’t really need to say anything. Hayden Christensen is obviously just the forgetful sort. (via Just Jared)

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9 Comments on "OMG, his fly: Hayden Christensen"

  1. Brock is probably right. No guy does that. It had to be inentional. I could see just forgetting to zip all the way, but it’s not even fastened. And he couldn’t be stupid enough to have ben getting it on in some grungy gas station bathroom. (even if he does secretly love the cock, gas station bathrooms are notoriously gross. I doubt the ones in CA are any cleaner than anywhere else in the USA. ugh….)

  2. hey its understandable…sometimes I just don’t feel like buttoning my pants either

  3. Looks like he’s wearing some of those ridiculous pants with the 2 inch zippers and he couldn’t fasten them if he had to. The waistband sits right above your dick and catching on it is the only thing that keeps them from falling down. Totally ridiculous.

  4. he is deathly pale.

  5. Must have been a full service station!

  6. The more interesting question is: Did another guy come out of the restroom a couple of minutes after he left and was he smiling?

  7. I’d say he’s just trying to start a fad. His shirt isn’t completely buttoned and his shoelaces are untied.

  8. Wondering if he washed his hands…
    Pumpkin Man

  9. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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