!! OMG, new Kylie video: ‘All I See’ !!

The video for Kylie Minogue’s first Stateside single “All I See” from her new album X has been released, and though she’s sporting diamond-studded headphones and a night sky full of stars, she shines the brightest.

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6 Comments on "OMG, new Kylie video: ‘All I See’"

  1. omg can anyone say cheap? thats the worst video she’s made, cheap an nasty! and she looks trashy, I hope she doesnt go down the same road as Madonna, mature lady gone bad…I love kylie!! Dont do it!!!

  2. Her X album is great. It is too bad that US radio does not give good artists a chance. US radio stations and Top 40 are the most boring things and contribute to declining music sales.
    I am glad she is appreciated in Europe.

  3. ::yawns::
    lame video.

  4. That’s rubbish.
    If it’s not good enough to release in the UK and europe, why is she releasing it in the US?

  5. Obviously X has been out in Australia for ages. It is really good. Her first single here was 2 Hearts, then WOW and currently In My Arms. I like this song and I hope she does well in North America.
    p.s. Kylie is the “companion” on the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special! She was very good!

  6. it’s a good video but was hoping it would be colorful like her last 3 videos for 2 hearts, wow & in my arms. i’d like to know who the hot tattooed stud is in it too. he is hot and can move. kylie looks gorgeous as usual.

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