!! OMG, his new man: Marc Jacobs nabs a porn star !!

Marc Jacobs loves him a Brazilian — and can you blame him? The designer split with his last boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, in 2010, and now it seems he’s involved with another Brazilian, gay porn star Harry Louis, who tweeted the above picture saying: “What a great weekend thanks to the sweetest guy on earth, Marc Jacobs, see you soon in Paris baby.” If I let myself imagine how insane their sex life must be (in Paris no less), I might start to cry.
(via Fashionologie)

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9 Comments on "OMG, his new man: Marc Jacobs nabs a porn star"

  1. @asby But it was Harry who shared the information, not Marc.

  2. *vomit*

  3. Well clearly Marc Jacobs has a back passage like the channel tunnel.


  5. See you and your fat wallet in Paris baybee…

  6. Marc must be a non-practicing Jew, as Mr. Louis is uncut…not very kosher.

  7. theres a saying in Spanish that DON DINERO -MONEY- IS A POWERFUL CABALLERO.No matter how hot the sex,we know thell split sooner or later.
    Love flees from golden boudoirs

  8. so he will be all over every red carpet with this one…married in 6 months…then divorced in 9…….really wish he would keep his latest flavor of the month to him self…..

  9. Le Question is not whether I might start to cry, but whether I’d be able to stop before Christmas!

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