!! OMG, someone stop the flash mobs: “Little Drummer Boy” !!

Is it just me (I know it’s not) or are flash mobs just a weeeee played out? When 100 single ladies show off their fiercest Beyonce moves in the middle of London, that’s pretty cool. But when a team of dancers flood a mall and flutter around to Justin Bieber‘s “Little Drummer Boy,” that’s just sad.

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3 Comments on "OMG, someone stop the flash mobs: “Little Drummer Boy”"

  1. I really hated this song when he sang it at the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center. It is soooo cheesy and immature. It isn’t until the very end of the song after all the hoopla where he actually tries to send a meaningful message about Christian charity. I’m an atheist who was raised Christian, and this was always my favorite X-mas song and I felt like he corrupted it beyond belief. This WAS NOT A FLASH MOB. This was merely Christmas commercialism at it’s tackiest, with paid dancers in a mall. But maybe, just maybe, the over rated little kid from Canada has some kindness and charity in his heart to take what is probably every little gay boy’s favorite X-mas song and do something with it. In the spirit of Christian charity, I will hope that was the intention even if the execution was somewhat less than. The more I hear the song and see how it can excite people while it then slows down to deliver the message of Christmas, the more I think it might last for a decade or so. Just a thought….

  2. oh no, both my eyes AND my ears are bleeding now…

  3. Ugh… ALL things Bieber is indeed sad…
    First Flash Mob I didn’t like. And here I was, thinking there could change the world, and bring about peace in every nation. Well, sorta… 😉

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