!! OMG, his peen: Gabriel Saporta !!


If Gabriel Saporta, the lead singer of synthpop band Cobra Starship, has a thing for airborne serpents, then maybe he should have been cast in Snakes on a Plane… as a snake. See for yourself after the jump. (NSFW.)

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14 Comments on "OMG, his peen: Gabriel Saporta"

  1. That looks like a half-cut to me, could still totally be him.

  2. Oh, good. I was hoping people would turn this into another intactivist debate. You guys really know how to make penises terminally boring.

  3. whether it him or not that is a nice big cock i wouldn’t mind sucking on and riding.

  4. I’d like for it to be him. But hell, it’s a big thick cock. Not really to concerned as to who it’s attached to. First I suck him till he’s ready to blow, then let him f*ck me til he shoots up my a$$

  5. Hot. Real hot.

  6. He’s jewish. Why is he uncut? Oh, that’s right – not him. lol.

  7. I had an ex with one about that size. He couldn’t keep it up very long (anyone else have this experience with the big boys?) but it was a beauty to ride or suck on when it worked. Looks like Gabe doesn’t have any problem keeping it inflated! Very nice.

  8. Fake, sadly.
    Gabe is jewish, and if you scroll down at the surce link pretty much everyone agrees about their fakeness.

  9. Apparently, this is not him.

  10. Sadly Gabe has tweeted this: “For the record: my penis has never been photographed. Moreover, I would never wear such tacky boxers.”
    He has a point. also, both his parents are Jewish so sadly there is a good chance he is missing some of his willy.

  11. eternalcanadian | November 7, 2011 at 3:11 pm | Reply

    Yay for intact penises!

  12. he has a cute clean photogenic peen, one that you wouldn’t feel peculiar to go down to,

  13. Wow, that face is gorgeous, but who knew he’s hiding a thick massive snake down there:)
    Cut or uncut, that’s a cock waiting to get deepthroat…lol

  14. I think the words I’m looking for are: MOTHER OF GOD!!! Seriously, I don’t whether I should suck it or feed it a child.

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