!! OMG, his peen? Matt Dallas !!

Matt Dallas isn’t exactly what you’d call a huge star, but apparently that doesn’t make him any less of a target for hackers. The Kyle XY actor tweeted that his account had been hacked after a picture post showed a rather intimate snap of a peen. Funny thing is, Dallas made no mention of the picture not being legit, just that his account had been used by someone else. So it’s fair to assume that the NSFW shot after the jump is in fact of his bits.

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32 Comments on "OMG, his peen? Matt Dallas"

  1. He’s Hpt

  2. Is there any video of him masturbating?

  3. tiny white dick.

  4. matt Dallas is a good guy and I believe he can’t do such a thing …………………..

  5. love this guy anyways,perfect size .TeamMattDallas

  6. Love him, he is so handsome

  7. he can cum on me anytime

  8. it is matt dallas’ dick i am sure of it. recognized him from the toe it is his feet so his dick

  9. You know what, who ever that belongs to, I love you long time

  10. I’m pretty sure that isn’t him seeing as how he doesn’t have a tattoo on his wrist (could be a wristband, but it looks more like a tat), and also, the gut-in-question doesn’t look toned enough. Also, last time I checked, he keeps himself shaved, and that looks really hair. Plus, if he was going to take a pic of his peen, wouldn’t he use a better camera? This picture is so blurry it obviously was taken with a really cheap camera, and actors can generally afford a hell-of-a-lot better.

  11. It can’t be him…the guy in the picture has a belly button! 😀

  12. Aesthetically, there is SO much more to the male organ than size. Obviously personal taste is the
    single factor that causes the schools of “pros” and “cons” IN RE: cock size judgment, not truly what is large or small. There’s an abundance of features by which cocks are judged, and personal taste varies madly. The beautiful [in my opinion] curve many shafts have could be considered a trait that shortens the penis. Give me that elegant curve, and I’ll trade you an inch. For me, that curve gives an ADDED “BEAUTY inch and a half”.can provide.

  13. It’s his twitter. He’s done Twitcams before using it. Dick’s small but it’s a bad angle so is probably bigger.

  14. The people who think THAT is “very small” need to lay off the porn. Contrary to popular belief, average isn’t 8 inches. He’s average, maye a little below, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a good looking penis.

  15. To Chad:
    Matt Dallas has a belly button
    Kyle XY does not

  16. I HATE that every single time a celebrity penis pic gets leaked, some jackwad will comment about how small it is. Give me a break. Penises are all different, first of all. And secondly, it’s about how the guy uses it. And before anyone accuses anything, let’s just get it clear that I am above the national average in that department. But mine ranges from “Eeks, where is it?” to “OMG, it’s HUGE”, depending on the situation. Even during an aroused state, guys sometimes experience size differences between times of arousal. I just find it ridiculous that nobody has figured out that penis size isn’t black and white. It isn’t black and white with any individual, let alone the entire gender. Don’t they teach Health class anymore?

  17. @Shannon – only thing small here is your brain.


  19. looks about average size to me. and average is perfect in my book. (whether he’s top or bottom)

  20. Well said, Groz.

  21. That boy’s got some beautiful eyes (always thought that). If it is, in fact, his weenie (and the “Little Matts” all over his belly), I’m in…

  22. Definetly NOT Matt’s peen. He is very big! Its been seen by many people at the gym because he proudly walked around without a towel. This is some old perv.

  23. he is a bit on the small side, but that’s OK I wouldn’t mind…in fact I might prefer that to my BF who is a bit bigger than ideal.

  24. Small, very small.
    It’s a bad news.

  25. We cant really be sure its actually him because his account is NOT Verified. It could be anyone using his identity, unless that account has been confirmed as being him and hes just not verified yet.

  26. Size is subjective – if it gets the job done then it big enough. I know plenty of guys with “size” that haven’t a clue, or don’t care, about how to effectively use it – they think that because it’s big everybody should worship it … yet some average guys hit it out of the park every time they go to bat … go figure.

  27. It isn’t him, he doesn’t have a belly button.

  28. Who cares if it’s small? He’s famous and a looker. I’d say looks and money tend to come in handy more often than a big dick. And if he’s a bottom, what effect is that going to have on intercourse? Also–I’d take a wealthy handsome fellow with a small penis over an anonymous faceless person trolling the internet who feels the need to denigrate someone else for something shallow–namely a small anatomical feature he has no control over.

  29. i want his cum omg

  30. Nice pic. I guess I’ll just have to lick him clean. Hate to let that go to waste.

  31. very nice, love to lick him clean, he made a nice mess

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